Figure 9. A: MDIS image of the Prokofiev crater (86°N, 296.3°W), which has a diameter of ~112 km. The dark area in the bottom half of the crater contains a region of persistent shadow, within which a radar-bright signal (yellow in B) has been observed (Harmon et al., 2011). The radar-bright signal from within the crater closely matches an area that has higher reflectance than its surroundings. The high-reflectance area is observed at both 600 nm in the MDIS Wide-Angle Camera filter image (Chabot et al., 2014), shown in C, and at 1064 nm in the Mercury Laser Altimeter (MLA) data (Neumann et al., 2013), shown in D. Red and blue colors in the overlain MLA data represent high and low reflectance, respectively.