Figure 2. Spectropolarimetric diagnostics of the solar photosphere near a sunspot. Shown in the top left is a continuum image of the sunspot near 6,300 Å. The dark umbra and the surrounding penunbra of the sunspot along with the solar granulation can be seen. The top right panels are the Stokes profiles covering the photospheric iron lines at 6,301.5 Å and 6,302.5 Å along the slit indicated by the black vertical line in the top left panel. Bottom panels show the line profiles at two locations along the slit (red: from the sunspot umbra; black: from a granule; both marked in the top right panels). In the bottom panels, Ic is the spatially averaged “quiet Sun” intensity in the continuum. These observations were obtained with the space-based Hinode telescope on August 31, 2011.