Figure 5. Spectropolarimetric diagnostics of the solar photosphere at high spatial resolution at the center of the solar disk observed with the 1-meter balloon-borne Sunrise telescope on June 9, 2009. The left panel is a magnetogram displaying the highly structured magnetic field in the quiet Sun at a spatial resolution better than 100 km. In the quiet Sun, magnetic field is found as small-scale concentrations in the lanes between granules (compare with Figure 1). The magnetogram is saturated at ±100 G. The right panel shows the map of line of sight (Doppler) velocity saturated at ±4 km s-1. The blue shaded regions represent upwelling plasma in convective granules. The red shaded regions, mostly confined to narrow lanes, are the regions of plasma downflows in the intergranular lanes. The area covered by these maps is about 30,000 km×30,000 km, which is similar to that of a large sunspot or a supergranular cell.