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How to Get Involved: Join the Oxford Research Encyclopedia Community

The Oxford Research Encyclopedias represent a new way to publish scholarly reference that maintains the highest standards for quality and authority, while employing a faster, more open, more accessible approach. At the heart of the project is a global community of experts who are involved in all aspects of the planning, writing, and reviewing of an anchoring set of overview articles for their discipline.

Oxford University Press invites you to be part of this engaged community of scholars, scientists, librarians, and students to help your colleagues and the Press to build a resource of enduring academic value.

We are eager to hear your thoughts and questions about our encyclopedias. We invite you to recommend article topics or even to nominate yourself as potential author for an article that needs to be covered in a particular discipline. You can reach the editorial team at We look forward to hearing from you.

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ORE's authors, editorial and advisory board experts span the globe, delivering original perspectives from diverse contexts. View the below map to find out more.