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Writing for the Oxford Research Encyclopedias

The Oxford Research Enyclopedias will grow with their respective fields over time. We are working to create discipline hubs, with the goal of helping scholars, researchers, scientists, teachers, and students by providing an in-depth collection of peer-reviewed, long-form reference articles.

Why Publish in the Oxford Research Encyclopedias?

The OREs are dynamic, scholarly, and up-to-date reference works across a range of disciplines, developed with the active involvement of renowned scholars from all around the world. Here are some of the benefits of publishing in the ORE:

Peer review: Your article, like all articles published in the ORE, will be peer reviewed by other experts in the field.

Impact on future research: Your work will publish fast and will be distributed worldwide. It will be discoverable online, indexed in key databases, and promoted at international conferences.

Global dissemination and visibility: Your scholarship will be disseminated digitally and, as needed, in print, in libraries all around the world, reaching a worldwide readership.

Access and sustainability: The ORE is based on sustainable library subscription models developed with input from librarians all around the world. Access is free or heavily subsidized in developing countries.

Flexibility: The sophisticated ORE platform supports flexible length and audio-visual materials, and gives authors the ability to revise and keep their articles up-to-date.

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Thank you for your support in shaping the future of the Oxford Research Encyclopedias. For more ways to make the ORE's discoverable, and to raise awareness of your work, please visit Get Involved.