This page covers:

  • Browsing by subject
  • Moving around the Browse list 

Browsing by subject

1. Click on the subject of your choice (e.g. Greek Law) in the Browse panel.

2. An alphabetical list of matching entries is displayed.

3. Browse the list using the cursor or by selecting a page number. To move directly to titles beginning with a particular letter, type it in to the Starting with: box and click .

4. To open an entry click on its title.

  • If an entry is padlocked , your subscription does not cover its full content.


Moving around the browse list

Moving between pages

The number of pages is shown at the top and bottom of the list on the right. To move to any of the numbered pages, click on it.

Items per page

The standard number of items is 10 per page, but you can alter this up to a maximum of 100.

Sorting the list

The entries in the list are listed by relevance. You can also choose to order them by:

  • Title - A to Z
  • Title - Z to A
  • Author/Editor - A to Z
  • Author/Editor - Z to A
  • Online Publication Date – Old to Recent
  • Online Publication Date – Recent to Old