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Democratizing Mexico’s Politics

Mexican political leaders in growing numbers worked to establish democratic politics during the years from 1980 to the present. These efforts resulted in a major presidential contest in 1988, the creation of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), the free election of the mayor of Mexico City, and the defeat of the ruling regime (the Party of the Institutional Revolution—PRI) in 2000 by the candidate of the National Political Action (PAN). Voters elected President Vicente Fox in 2000 and, as his successor in 2006, they elected Felipe Calderón, also from PAN. In 2012, the PRI managed a return to the presidential office, but national politics and government had both irrevocably changed.

President Felipe Calderón, in the following interview, stresses his commitment through his administration to the goal of government based on the rule of law that led to, among other things, the so-called War on Drugs and escalating violence.

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