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To get started with searching and browsing straight away, see:

Site header

Across the top of the screen is the Site header which contains links to administrative and information resources. These appear on every page:

  • About: More information on the the Oxford Research Encyclopedias (ORE) program
  • Discover OREs: Discover the range of the OREs
  • Recently Published: See a list of the most recent articles added to the OREs
  • Guided Tour: Watch a video overview of the OREs' key features and functionality
  • Subscriber Services: Support materials and links to manage your account
  • Site Help: Help on specific features of the site
  • Contact Us: Tells you how to contact customer services with your feedback

You can return to the Home page from any other part of ORE by clicking on the Oxford Research Encyclopedias logo.

Search panel

To look up a term, type it into the Search box and click  or press Enter.

More information on searching:

Browse panel

The Browse panel is just below the search panel, where you can browse the contents by individual ORE. Click on an ORE to view a list of matching entries below the Browse panel. You can further narrow down the list using the filter panel on the left.

Other resources


Your search history

Click for a list of the entries/books you have viewed most recently. Return to any of the items on the list by selecting it.

Click for a list of the searches you have run so far. Select any of the searches in the list to view its results.

The library module

The library module gives you information about your ORE account. It appears on every page.

Click  to open it. To close it again click .

The name of your account is at the top of the box.

To sign out from the library, click .

You can use the library module to run a search of the Oxford Index (the free search and discovery service, which shows links to related content from all Oxford University Press online content), or any other library made available by your library administrator.

Type or paste the term you want to find in the Search box.

Select the library you want to search (e.g. Oxford Index) from the list.

Click  or press Enter.

The results of your search are displayed in another window.