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The Structure and Dynamics of the Atmospheres of Pluto and Triton  

Angela M. Zalucha and Jason Cook

Online publication date:
Jun 2019
In addition to ground-based observations beginning in the 1970s, NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft flew by Triton in 1989, and NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto in 2015. Prior to the ... More

The Surface Composition of Terrestrial Planets  

Nicolas Mangold, Jessica Flahaut, and Véronique Ansan

Online publication date:
Aug 2019
Planetary surface compositions are fundamental to an understanding of both the interior activity through differentiation processes and volcanic activity and the external evolution through ... More

Use of Outer Space for Peaceful Purposes  

Martina Smuclerova

Online publication date:
Apr 2019
The great rise and diversification of the use of outer space raises the question of the limitations to space activities. The ultimate restriction posed by space law is the use of outer ... More

Venus in Mesoamerica: Rain, Maize, Warfare, and Sacrifice  

Ivan Šprajc

Online publication date:
Sep 2018
During the last three millennia before the Spanish Conquest, the peoples living in the central and southern parts of modern Mexico and the northern part of Central America evolved into ... More

Vesta and Ceres  

Kevin Righter

Small Bodies
This is an advance summary of a forthcoming article in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Planetary Science. Please check back later for the full article. ... More

Volcanism on Mercury  

David A. Rothery

Online publication date:
Jun 2018
The history of volcanism on Mercury is almost the entire history of the formation of its crust. There are no recognized tracts of intact primary crust analogous to the Moon’s highland ... More