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Astrology in Ancient Greek and Roman Culture  

Nicholas Campion

Online publication date:
May 2019
Astrology was a central feature of Greek and Roman culture. A knowledge of astrology’s claims, practices, and world view is essential for a full understanding of religion, politics, and ... More

Depictions of the Moon in Western Visual Culture  

Jay M. Pasachoff and Roberta J.M. Olson

Online publication date:
Jun 2019
Since the landmark lunar landing of Apollo 11 on July 20, 1969, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (launched in 2009), and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Kaguya spacecraft ... More

The Formation of the Martian Moons  

Pascal Rosenblatt, Ryuki Hyodo, Francesco Pignatale, Antony Trinh, Sebastien Charnoz, Kevin Dunseath, Mariko Dunseath-Terao, and Hidenori Genda

The origin of the natural satellites or moons of the solar system is as challenging to unravel as the formation of the planets. Before the start of the space probe exploration era, this ... More


Kun Wang and Randy Korotev

For thousands of years, people living in Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, and other parts of the world have been fascinated by shooting stars, which are the light and sound phenomena commonly ... More

The Moon and Planets in Indigenous California  

E.C. Krupp

Online publication date:
Apr 2019
Anthropologists distinguish the U.S. State of California as a primary zone of prehistoric and tribal North America—it was one of the most linguistically and cultural diverse regions on ... More

The Planets in Aboriginal Australia  

Duane W. Hamacher and Kirsten Banks

Online publication date:
Feb 2019
Studies in Australian Indigenous astronomical knowledge reveal few accounts of the visible planets in the sky. However, what information we do have tells us that Aboriginal people are close ... More

Planets in Inuit Astronomy  

John MacDonald

Online publication date:
Feb 2018
Inuit are an indigenous people traditionally inhabiting the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada, Alaska, and parts of Russia’s Chukchi Peninsula. Across this vast region, ... More

The Planets in Ancient Egypt  

Joachim Friedrich Quack

Online publication date:
May 2019
The five visible planets are certainly attested to in Egyptian sources from about 2000 bce. The three outer ones are religiously connected with the falcon-headed god Horus, Venus with his ... More

The Planets in Aztec Culture  

Susan Milbrath

Online publication date:
Jun 2019
The Spanish chronicles do not mention planets other than Venus, although they compare certain Aztec gods with classical gods such as Jupiter and Mars. Creation myths recorded by the Spanish ... More

The Planets in Pawnee Culture  

Von Del Chamberlain

Online publication date:
Jul 2019
We can be certain that all cultures wondered about the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, and that they found ways of incorporating what they observed into comprehension of themselves existing ... More

Venus in Mesoamerica: Rain, Maize, Warfare, and Sacrifice  

Ivan Šprajc

Online publication date:
Sep 2018
During the last three millennia before the Spanish Conquest, the peoples living in the central and southern parts of modern Mexico and the northern part of Central America evolved into ... More