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Atmospheric Circulation on Venus  

Masaru Yamamoto

Online publication date:
Mar 2019
Venus is a slowly rotating planet with a thick atmosphere (~9.2 MPa at the surface). Ground- and satellite-based observations have shown atmospheric superrotation (atmospheric rotation ... More

Atmospheric Electricity in the Solar System  

Karen Aplin and Georg Fischer

Online publication date:
Feb 2019
Electricity occurs in atmospheres across the Solar System planets and beyond, spanning spectacular lightning displays in clouds of water or dust, to more subtle effects of charge and ... More

Clouds in the Martian Atmosphere  

Anni Määttänen and Franck Montmessin

This is an advance summary of a forthcoming article in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Planetary Science. Please check back later for the full article. ... More

Dust Devils on Earth and Mars  

Matthew R. Balme

Online publication date:
May 2019
Dust devils are rotating columns or cones of air, loaded with dust and other fine particles, that are most often found in arid or desert areas. They are common on both Mars and Earth, ... More

Jets in Planetary Atmospheres  

Timothy E. Dowling

Online publication date:
Apr 2019
Jet streams, “jets” for short, are remarkably coherent streams of air found in every major atmosphere. They have a profound effect on a planet’s global circulation and have been an enigma ... More

The Structure and Dynamics of the Atmospheres of Pluto and Triton  

Angela M. Zalucha and Jason Cook

Online publication date:
Jun 2019
In addition to ground-based observations beginning in the 1970s, NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft flew by Triton in 1989, and NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto in 2015. Prior to the ... More