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Chemical Weathering on Venus  

Mikhail Zolotov

Online publication date:
Aug 2019
Chemical and phase compositions of the surface of Venus could reflect a history of gas–rock and fluid–rock interactions, recent and past climate changes, and a loss of water from the ... More

Evolution of the Martian Crust  

John C. Bridges

This is an advance summary of a forthcoming article in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Planetary Science. Please check back later for the full article. Mars, ... More

Extraterrestrial Resources  

V.V. Shevchenko

Since the early 1990s, in analytical reviews, experts have increasingly been paying attention to the growing scarcity of rare and rare earth metals (REM) necessary for the development of ... More

Geological Characteristics of the Moon  

Long Xiao and James W. Head

Online publication date:
Feb 2020
The geological characteristics of the Moon provide the fundamental data that permit the study of the geological processes that have formed and modified the crust, that record the state and ... More

Lunar and Planetary Geology  

Alexander T. Basilevsky

Online publication date:
May 2018
Lunar and planetary geology can be described using examples such as the geology of Earth (as the reference case) and geologies of the Earth’s satellite the Moon; the planets Mercury, Mars ... More

Mantle Convection in Terrestrial Planets  

Elvira Mulyukova and David Bercovici

Online publication date:
Mar 2020
All the rocky planets in our solar system, including the Earth, initially formed much hotter than their surroundings and have since been cooling to space for billions of years. The ... More

The Surface of Venus  

M.A. Ivanov and J.W. Head

Online publication date:
Mar 2018
This chapter reviews the conditions under which the basic landforms of Venus formed, interprets their nature, and analyzes their local, regional, and global age relationships. The strong ... More

Tectonism of Mercury  

Paul K. Byrne

Online publication date:
May 2019
Mercury, like its inner Solar System planetary neighbors Venus, Mars, and the Moon, shows no evidence of having ever undergone plate tectonics. Nonetheless, the innermost planet boasts a ... More

The Planetary Boundary Layer of Mars  

Aymeric Spiga

Online publication date:
Oct 2019
The planetary boundary layer of Mars is a crucial component of the Martian climate and meteorology, as well as a key driver of the surface-atmosphere exchanges on Mars. As such, it is ... More

The Surface Composition of Terrestrial Planets  

Nicolas Mangold, Jessica Flahaut, and Véronique Ansan

Online publication date:
Aug 2019
Planetary surface compositions are fundamental to an understanding of both the interior activity through differentiation processes and volcanic activity and the external evolution through ... More

Volcanism on Mercury  

David A. Rothery

Online publication date:
Jun 2018
The history of volcanism on Mercury is almost the entire history of the formation of its crust. There are no recognized tracts of intact primary crust analogous to the Moon’s highland ... More