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July 2020

Isotopic Dating (Yuri Amelin)

June 2020

Registration of Space Objects (Bernhard Schmidt-Tedd, Alexander Soucek)
Solar Wind and Terrestrial Planets (Edik Dubinin, Janet G. Luhmann, James A. Slavin)

May 2020

Vesta and Ceres (Kevin Righter)

April 2020


March 2020

Mantle Convection in Terrestrial Planets (Elvira Mulyukova, David Bercovici)
Registration Convention (Anja Nakarada Pečujlić)
The Formation of the Martian Moons (Pascal Rosenblatt, Ryuki Hyodo, Francesco Pignatale, Antony Trinh, Sebastien Charnoz, Kevin Dunseath, Mariko Dunseath-Terao, Hidenori Genda)

February 2020

Active Asteroids (Henry Hsieh)
Geological Characteristics of the Moon (Long Xiao, James W. Head)
Martian Ionospheric Observation and Modelling (Francisco González-Galindo)

January 2020

Extraterrestrial Resources (V.V. Shevchenko)

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