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November 2020
Aurora in Planetary Atmospheres (Steve Miller), summary
Cosmogenic Nuclides (Rainer Wieler), summary
Lunar Dust (Alexander V. Zakharov), summary
The Moon in Meso-America (Susan Milbrath)

October 2020

Cratering (Boris Ivanov)

September 2020

Meteorite Mineralogy (Alan E. Rubin, Chi Ma)

August 2020

Detection and Characterization Methods of Exoplanets (Nuno C. Santos, Susana C.C. Barros, Olivier D.S. Demangeon, Jo˜ao P. Faria)

July 2020

Isotopic Dating (Yuri Amelin)

June 2020

Registration of Space Objects (Bernhard Schmidt-Tedd, Alexander Soucek)
Solar Wind and Terrestrial Planets (Edik Dubinin, Janet G. Luhmann, James A. Slavin)

May 2020

Vesta and Ceres (Kevin Righter)

April 2020

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