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Peacebuilding in Sierra Leone and Religious Mediation  

Lyn S. Graybill

The civil war was a turning point in the life of the faith community in Sierra Leone, which previously had been politically complacent. With the establishment of the Inter-Religious Council ... More

Peacekeeping as a Tool of Foreign Policy  

Maline Meiske and Andrea Ruggeri

Online publication date:
Sep 2017
Peacekeeping is one of the principal activities and foreign policy tools implemented by the international community to create and “maintain international peace and security.” Peacekeeping ... More

Peace, War, Theory, and Evidence in East Asia  

Benjamin E. Goldsmith

Online publication date:
Jun 2017
Historically one of the world’s most conflict-prone regions, since the Sino-Vietnamese war of 1979, East Asia has enjoyed a relative interstate peace. Implications of some of the relevant ... More

Perfect Deterrence Theory  

Frank C. Zagare

Online publication date:
Jan 2017
Perfect deterrence theory and classical deterrence theory are two theoretical frameworks that have divergent empirical implications and dissimilar policy recommendations. In perfect ... More

Performance Management in Public Administration  

Johabed G. Olvera and Claudia N. Avellaneda

Online publication date:
Apr 2017
As one of the reforms supported by the New Public Management movement, Performance Management Systems (PMSs) have been implemented worldwide, across various policy areas and different ... More

Personality and Political Behavior  

Matthew Cawvey, Matthew Hayes, Damarys Canache, and Jeffery J. Mondak

Online publication date:
Jan 2017
“Personality” refers to a multifaceted and enduring internal, or psychological, structure that influences patterns in a person’s actions and expressed attitudes. Researchers have associated ... More

Personality, Politics, and Religion  

Amanda Friesen

Online publication date:
Mar 2019
Individual differences in personality, religiosity, and political dispositions often are explained in conjunction with one another. Though the religious and political may share common ... More

The Personalization of Campaigns: Nonverbal Cues in Presidential Debates  

Erik P. Bucy and Patrick Stewart

Online publication date:
Aug 2018
Nonverbal cues are important elements of persuasive communication whose influence in political debates are receiving renewed attention. Recent advances in political debate research have ... More

Peru’s Cleavages, Conflict, and Precarious Democracy  

Cynthia McClintock

Since Peru’s independence in 1824, politics in the country have been turbulent. Repeatedly, democracy was attempted but not sustained. Between 1919 and 2000, no Peruvian political ... More

Piracy and Maritime Security in Africa  

Jatin Dua

In a seemingly virtual era, maritime commerce and shipping retain a central role in contemporary global capitalism. Approximately 90% of global imports and exports currently travel by sea ... More

Poland and the European Union  

Ireneusz Paweł Karolewski and Maciej Wilga

Online publication date:
Feb 2018
Multifaceted in its character, the relationship between Poland and the European Union is now more than a quarter of a century old. After the breakdown of the Eastern bloc, Poland signed the ... More

Policy and Organizational Termination  

Christian Adam and Michael W. Bauer

Online publication date:
Feb 2018
In the perspective of a rational policy cycle, termination is the logical end of unsuccessful policy choices. As the deliberate conclusion or cessation of specific government functions, ... More

Policy Entrepreneurs and Foreign Policy Decision Making  

Michael Mintrom and Joannah Luetjens

Online publication date:
May 2017
In recent years, significant effort has been applied to understanding and empirically testing the concept of policy entrepreneurship in a range of different settings. Despite these efforts, ... More

Policy Problems  

Patrik Marier

Online publication date:
Mar 2017
We frequently employ analogies such as a leaking roof or finishing last in a ranking to illustrate that there is a serious problem requiring attention. Unfortunately, policy realities are ... More

Policy Success and Failure  

Allan McConnell

Online publication date:
May 2017
How can we know if policies succeed or fail, and what are the causes of such outcomes? Understanding the nature of these phenomena is riddled with complex methodological challenges, ... More

The Poliheuristic Theory of Political Decision-Making  

Alex Mintz, Steven B. Redd, and Eldad Tal-Shir

Online publication date:
Jun 2017
Poliheuristic theory focuses on the why and how of decision-making. The primary argument is that decision-makers are sensitive to both cognitive and environmental constraints and are ... More

Polish Political Sciences in a Global Context  

Tomasz Warczok and Tomasz Zarycki

Online publication date:
Nov 2018
Looking at the contemporary Polish political sciences in a wider international perspective—and specifically analyzing their location within the global hierarchies of academic knowledge ... More

Political Agenda Setting and the Mass Media  

Stefaan Walgrave and Peter Van Aelst

Online publication date:
Aug 2016
Recently, the number of studies examining whether media coverage has an effect on the political agenda has been growing strongly. Most studies found that preceding media coverage does exert ... More

Political and Psychological Processes in Political Action  

Martijn van Zomeren

Online publication date:
Jan 2020
Social change sometimes happens because groups in society make it happen. The social psychology of such “man-made” change in political contexts studies the key psychological and political ... More

Political Attitudes and Behavior Under Autocracy  

Michael Bratton

Online publication date:
Mar 2017
Knowledge about mass political attitudes and behavior derives mainly from studies of established Western democracies. But do populations under autocracy engage in the political process and, ... More