The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Military in Politics

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Military in Politics

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Military in Politics will comprehensively examine the full range of concerns surrounding the role of military personnel and organizations in politics. Many articles will examine how the military has been involved in politics in specific states, while others will link the country-specific accounts to broader topics. All of the articles will appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics.

Editors in Chief

 William R. Thompson, Indiana University

 Hicham Bou Nassif, Claremont McKenna College



Conscription and the Politics of Military Recruitment (Nathan W. Toronto, Lindsay P. Cohn)
The Control-Effectiveness Framework of Civil–Military Relations (Florina Cristiana Matei, Carolyn Halladay)
Cuba: The Military and Politics (Jorge I. Domínguez)
The Czech Republic: The Military and Politics (Zdeněk Kříž, Oldřich Krpec)
Ethnic Inequality and Coups d’État (Cristina Bodea, Christian Houle)
Georgia: Warlords, Generals, and Politicians (David Darchiashvili, Stephen Jones)
Ghana: The Military in Transition From Praetorianism to Democratic Control (Eboe Hutchful, Humphrey Asamoah Agyekum, Ben Kunbour)
Guatemala: The Military in Politics (Anita Isaacs, Rachel A. Schwartz)
Hungary: A Historically Apolitical Military (Tamás Csiki Varga, András Rácz)
The Maldives: The Changing Dynamics of Civil-Military Relations (Prashant Hosur Suhas, Vasabjit Banerjee)
Outsourcing War and Security (Ori Swed, Daniel Burland)
Uruguay: No Country for a Military? (David Altman, Nicole Jenne)