The Oxford Encyclopedia of Foreign Policy Analysis

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Foreign Policy Analysis

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Foreign Policy Analysis examines the theories and factors that influence and determine foreign policy. In a wide-ranging set of over 100 articles, experts examine topics as diverse as climate change, organized crime, two-level games, and veto player approaches. All of the articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics.

Editor in Chief

 Cameron Thies, Arizona State University

Editorial Board

 Patrick Haney, Miami University, Ohio

 Sebastian Harnisch, Heidelberg University

 Juliet Kaarbo, University of Edinburgh

 Kai Oppermann, University of Sussex

 Atsushi Tago, Kobe University


From the Editor in Chief of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Foreign Policy Analysis

Cameron Thies, Editor in Chief of Oxford Encyclopedia of Foreign Policy Analysis, discusses the power of digital research.






Advocacy Coalitions in Foreign Policy (Jonathan Pierce, Katherine Hicks)
American Pragmatism in Foreign Policy Analysis (Ulrich Franke, Gunther Hellmann)
Arms Buildups and the Use of Military Force (David F. Mitchell, Jeffrey Pickering)
Comparative Foreign Policy Analysis (Jeffrey S. Lantis, Ryan Beasley)
Congress and Foreign Policy (Bryan W. Marshall)
Diplomacy in Foreign Policy (Kenneth Weisbrode)
Discourse in Foreign Policy (Charles G. Ripley)
Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy (Binnur Ozkececi-Taner)
Domestic Role Contestation and Foreign Policy (Binnur Ozkececi-Taner, Cristian Cantir, Juliet Kaarbo)
Feminism in Foreign Policy (Kristen P. Williams)
Foreign Policy Change (Spyros Blavoukos, Dimitris Bourantonis)
Friendship and Foreign Policy (Felix Berenskoetter, Yuri van Hoef)
Gender and Foreign Policy (Alexis Leanna Henshaw)
Great Power and Foreign Policy (Carla Martinez Machain, Rebecca Kaye, Jared Oestman)
Hegemony in Foreign Policy (Richard Ned Lebow, Simon Reich)
Immigration and Foreign Policy (Anna Oltman, Jonathan Renshon)
Infectious Disease as a Foreign Policy Threat (Rebecca Katz, Erin Sorrell, Claire Standley)
Maritime Piracy and Foreign Policy (Brandon Prins, Ursula Daxecker)
Marxism in Foreign Policy (Benno Teschke, Steffan Wyn-Jones)
Mediation and Foreign Policy (Robert U. Nagel, Govinda Clayton)
Nationalism and Foreign Policy (Harris Mylonas, Kendrick Kuo)
Negotiation in Foreign Policy (Kristopher Ramsay)
Non-State Actors and Foreign Policy (Frank A. Stengel, Rainer Baumann)
Nuclear Weapons in Foreign Policy (Molly Berkemeier, Matthew Fuhrmann)
Ontological Security and Foreign Policy (Jennifer Mitzen, Kyle Larson)
Organized Crime in Foreign Policy (Niklas Swanström, Christina Wenngren)
Path Dependency in Foreign Policy (Anika C. Leithner, Kyle M. Libby)
Peacekeeping as a Tool of Foreign Policy (Maline Meiske, Andrea Ruggeri)
Populism in Foreign Policy (Angelos Chryssogelos)
Quantitative Methods in Foreign Policy (Micah Dillard, Jon C.W. Pevehouse)
Signaling in Foreign Policy (Erik A. Gartzke, Shannon Carcelli, J Andres Gannon, Jiakun Jack Zhang)
Simulation and ABM in Foreign Policy (Ravi Bhavnani, David Sylvan)
Small-State Foreign Policy (Baldur Thorhallsson, Sverrir Steinsson)
State Leaders and Foreign Policy (Jeff Carter, Giacomo Chiozza)
Think Tanks and Foreign Policy (Lars Brozus, Hanns W. Maull)
Two-Level Games in Foreign Policy Analysis (Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt, Patrick A. Mello)
Use of Force in Foreign Policy (Stephen L. Quackenbush, Thomas R. Guarrieri)