The Oxford Encyclopedia of LGBT Politics and Policy

The Oxford Encyclopedia of LGBT Politics and Policy

The Oxford Encyclopedia of LGBT Politics and Policy will provide an authoritative overview of the theoretical approaches, methodologies, and substantive topics of social science research on global LGBT politics. On a rolling basis, the articles will be published online in advance of the print encyclopedia, as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics.

Editor in Chief

 Don Haider-Markel, University of Kansas

Editorial Board

 Carlos Ball, Rutgers Law School, Newark

 Gary Mucciaroni, Temple University

 Bruno Perreau, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 Craig A. Rimmerman, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

 Jami K. Taylor, University of Toledo


Africa's LGBT Movement and Interest Groups (Oluwafemi Adeagbo, Kammila Naidoo)
Contact Theory and the Distinct Case of LGBT People and Rights (Brian F. Harrison, Melissa R. Michelson)
Courts and Same-Sex Marriage in Latin America (Maximiliano Campana, Juan Marco Vaggione)
Europe's LGBT Movement (Douglas Page)
Europe’s LGBT Movement: France (David Paternotte, Massimo Prearo)
Federalism and LGBT Politics and Policy in the United States (Donald P. Haider-Markel, Daniel C. Lewis)
Historical Views of Homosexuality: Asia (Andi Dahmer, Isabel Eliassen)
HIV/AIDS Politics and Policy in South Asia (Nayani Rajapaksha, Chrishantha Abeysena)
Intergovernmental Organizations and LGBT Issues (Christina Kiel, Jamie Campbell)
LGBT Military Service Policies in the United States (Andrew Goodhart, Jami K. Taylor)
LGBT Movements in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China (Sky H. L. Lau, Sara L. Friedman)
LGBT Politics and the Legislative Process (Donald P. Haider-Markel, Abigail Vegter)
LGBTQ Migration Politics (Erin Mayo-Adam)
LGBTQ Politics in Media and Culture (Thomas J. Billard, Larry Gross)
LGBT Rights and Theoretical Perspectives (Francis Kuriakose, Deepa Kylasam Iyer)
Marriage Equality Policy Diffusion (Helma G. E. de Vries-Jordan)
Party Politics and LGBT Issues in the United States (Melissa R. Michelson, Elizabeth Schmitt)
Public Policies Toward LGBT People and Rights in Latin America (Manuel Alejandro Rodríguez Rondón, Natalia Daza)
Queer as Materialism (Sophie Noyé, Gianfranco Rebucini)
Queer International Relations (Melanie Richter-Montpetit, Cynthia Weber)
Spain's LGBT Movement (Kerman Calvo, J. Ignacio Pichardo)
The Special Role of Religion in LGBT-Related Attitudes (Abigail Vegter, Donald P. Haider-Markel)
Transgender-Specific Politics and Policy in Asia (Natasha Israt Kabir, Khadiza Tul Qubra Binte Ahsan)
Transgender-Specific Politics and Policy in Europe (Camille Vallier, Djemila Carron)
U.S. Military Service and LGBT Policy (Elizabeth L. Hillman, Elliot Koltnow)