The Oxford Encyclopedia of Political Decision Making

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Political Decision Making

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Political Decision Making will examine both core arguments and broader issues in the field of decision making, creating connections between theoretical, methodological, and empirical work through entries by leading scholars. On a rolling basis, the articles will be published online in advance of the print encyclopedia, as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics.

Editor in Chief

 David P. Redlawsk, University of Delaware

Editorial Board

 Cengiz Erisen, Yeditepe University

 Erin Hennes, Purdue University

 Zoe Oxley, Union College

 Darren Schreiber, University of Exeter

 Barbara Vis, Utrecht University



Agenda Setting in Political Decision Making (Jonathan Klüser, Marco Radojevic)
Ambivalence in Political Decision Making (Dane Warner, Jason Gainous)
Anxiety, Fear, and Political Decision Making (Markus Wagner, Davide Morisi)
Arrow's Theorem (Conal Duddy, Ashley Piggins)
Automaticity in Political Decision Making (Efrén Pérez, Isaac Riddle)
Behavioral Analysis in the Study of Politics: The Conflict Laboratory (Alessandro Del Ponte, Reuben Kline, John Ryan)
Behavioral Decision Theory (Kazuhisa Takemura)
The Biology of Political Decision Making (Aleksander Ksiazkiewicz, Seyoung Jung)
Bounded Rationality and Cognitive Limits in Political Decision Making (Brooke N. Shannon, Zachary A. McGee, Bryan D. Jones)
Cognitive Complexity in Political Contexts (Shannon C. Houck, Kathleen J. Huber, Mackenzie Ess, Morgan L. Proulx)
Deliberative Democracy and Political Decision Making (Jon Green, Jonathon Kingzette, Michael Neblo)
Direct Democracy and Political Decision Making (Shaun Bowler, Reagan Dobbs, Stephen Nicholson)
The Economic Voter Decides (Mary Stegmaier, Michael S. Lewis-Beck, Lincoln Brown)
Fast and Frugal Heuristics (Konstantinos V. Katsikopoulos)
Framing Methodology: A Critical Review (Dustin Carnahan, Qi Hao, Xiaodi Yan)
Heuristics and Biases in Political Decision Making (Céline Colombo, Marco R. Steenbergen)
Hindsight Bias in Political Decision Making (Rüdiger F. Pohl, Edgar Erdfelder)
How Motivation Influences Political Decision Making (Brian J. Gaines, Benjamin R. Kantack)
Information Overload: An Introduction (David Bawden, Lyn Robinson)
Issue Salience and Political Decisions (Philip Moniz, Christopher Wlezien)
Lexicographic Decision Rule (Özgür Şimşek)
Moral Emotions in Political Decision Making (Eran Halperin, Noa Schori-Eyal)
Nudging in Public Policy (Alice Moseley)
Outcomes of Political Decision Making (Marcus M. Weymiller, Christopher W. Larimer)
Partisanship and Political Cognition (Stephen N. Goggin, Stephanie A. Nail, Alexander G. Theodoridis)
Discussion Networks in Political Decision Making (Ian Shapiro, Steven Richardson, Scott McClurg, Anand Sokhey)
Political Neuroscience: Understanding How the Brain Makes Political Decisions (Ingrid J. Haas, Clarisse Warren, Samantha J. Lauf)
Prospect Theory and Political Decision Making (Ferdinand M. Vieider, Barbara Vis)
Prospect Theory, Loss Aversion, and Political Behavior (Francesco Passarelli, Alessandro Del Ponte)
Psychophysiology in Political Decision Making Research (Mathew V. Hibbing, Melissa N. Baker, Kathryn A. Herzog)
Social Identity in Decisions to Protest (Bert Klandermans, J. Van Stekelenburg)
The Somatic Marker Hypothesis and Political Life (Marco Verweij, Antonio Damasio)
A Somatic Marker Perspective of Political Decision Making (Xavier Noël, Nematolla Jaafari, Antoine Bechara)
Stereotype Measurement in Political Decision Making (Angela L. Bos, Heather Madonia, Monica C. Schneider)
Strategic Voting Versus Sincere Voting (Damien Bol, Tom Verthé)
The Study of Discrete Emotions in Politics (Cigdem V. Sirin, José D. Villalobos)
Studying Political Decision Making With Automatic Text Analysis (Wouter van Atteveldt, Kasper Welbers, Mariken van der Velden)