The Oxford Encyclopedia of Public Administration

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Public Administration

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Public Administration will comprehensively examine the full range of concerns surrounding the core question of governance through administration. All of the articles will appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics.

Editors in Chief

 B. Guy Peters, University of Pittsburgh

 Ian Thynne, University of Hong Kong

Editorial Board

 Francisco Gaetani, National School of Public Administration, Brazil

 Gong Ting, City University of Hong Kong

 Jon Pierre, University of Gothenburg

 Tiina Randma-Liiv, Tallinn University of Technology

 Donald Savoie, University of Moncton



Administrative Culture (Muiris MacCarthaigh, Leno Saarniit)
Administrative Styles and Policy Styles (Louisa Bayerlein, Christoph Knill)
Agencification in Public Administration (Koen Verhoest, Sandra van Thiel, Steven F. De Vadder)
Agenda Setting and the Policy Process: Focusing Events (Thomas A. Birkland, Kathryn L. Schwaeble)
The Anthropology of Bureaucracy and Public Administration (Thomas Bierschenk, Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan)
Auditing and Accountability (Jenny de Fine Licht)
Bounded Rationality in Public Administration (JoBeth Shafran, Bryan D. Jones, Connor Dye)
Civil Service Systems (Vainius Smalskys, Jolanta Urbanovič)
Collaborative Governance (Joris Voets, Taco Brandsen, Christopher Koliba, Bram Verschuere)
Controlling Bureaucratic Corruption (Ting Gong, Sunny L. Yang)
Development and Public Administration (Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira)
Economic Crisis and Public Administration (Denita Cepiku, Filippo Giordano)
Governing by Silos (Ian Scott)
New Public Management (Per Lægreid)
Patronage and Public Administration (Francisco Panizza, B. Guy Peters, Conrado Ramos Larraburu)
Performance Management in Public Administration (Johabed G. Olvera, Claudia N. Avellaneda)
Policy Advice From Bureaucracy (Marleen Brans, Ellen Fobé)
The Policy Capacity of Bureaucracy (Sharma Shubham, Lei Shi, Xun Wu)
Policy Integration: Challenges for Public Administration (Christoph Knill, Christina Steinbacher, Yves Steinebach)
Public Service Motivation in Public Administration (Wouter Vandenabeele, Carina Schott)
Rational Choice Perspectives on Bureaucracy (Anthony M. Bertelli, Nicola Palma)
Regulatory Governance: History, Theories, Strategies, and Challenges (David Levi-Faur, Yael Kariv-Teitelbaum, Rotem Medzini)
The Organizational Basis for Public Governance (Morten Egeberg, Jarle Trondal)
Weberian Bureaucracy (Fritz Sager, Christian Rosser)