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June 2022

Managing Critical Infrastructures in Crisis (Louise K. Comfort), revised
Negotiation in the Law Enforcement Context (Gregory M. Vecchi), revised
Sweden and the European Union (Karl Magnus Johansson), revised

May 2022

Nationalism (Renaud-Philippe Garner)
Social and Political Power (Keith Dowding), revised
War in Political Philosophy (Helen Frowe), revised

April 2022

Banking Regulation in and for Crisis (Lydie Cabane, Martin Lodge)
Conservatism (Torbjörn Tännsjö)
New Policy Instruments (Anthony R. Zito), revised
Power in World Politics (Stefano Guzzini)
Research Findings on the Evolution of Peacekeeping (Theodora-Ismene Gizelis, Han Dorussen, Marina Petrova), revised
Switzerland and European Integration (Clive H. Church), revised
The Crisis Cycle (Christer H. Pursiainen)
The International Political Economy of Regionalism (Tanja A. Börzel, Soo Yeon Kim), revised

March 2022

Gender Inequality and Internal Conflict (Erika Forsberg, Louise Olsson), revised
Nicaragua's Troubled Transition to Democracy (Shelley A. McConnell), revised
Parliaments in Foreign Policy (Wolfgang Wagner), revised

February 2022

Austria and the European Union (Paul Luif), revised
Crisis Communication (Matthew Seeger)
International Justice (Fredrik Dybfest Hjorthen)
Pro-Government Militias and Conflict (Sabine C. Carey, Neil J. Mitchell, Adam Scharpf), revised
Taxation (Ryan J. Tonkin)
Vulnerabilities and Cyberspace: A New Kind of Crises (Bibi van den Berg, Sanneke Kuipers)
Women and Terrorism (Mia Bloom), revised

January 2022

Basic Income (Simon Birnbaum), revised
Comparative Public Policy (Guillaume Fontaine), revised
Consequentialism (Martin Marchman Andersen)
Public Interest (Eric R. Boot)

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