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Recently Published

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April 2020

Academic Capitalism (Richard Münch)
Finland and the European Union (Teija Tiilikainen)
Kosovo and the European Union (Spyros Economides)
Party Systems in Latin America (Laura Wills-Otero)
Peasant Movements in Latin America (Bernardo Mançano Fernandes)
The Czech Republic and the European Union (Lenka Anna Rovná, Jan Rovny)
The European Defence Community (Richard Griffiths)

March 2020

Asylum Policy and European Union Politics (Ariadna Ripoll Servent, Natascha Zaun)
Environmentalism in Latin America (Guillermo Castro H.)
Governing by Silos (Ian Scott)
Leadership in the European Union (Lisbeth Aggestam, Markus Johansson)
Social Identity in Decisions to Protest (Burt Klandermans, J.Van Stekelenburg)
The Biology of Political Decision Making (Aleksander Ksiazkiewicz, Seyoung Jung)
The BRICS Countries and the European Union (Bas Hooijmaaijers, Stephan Keukeleire)
The Common Commercial Policy (Johan Adriaensen)
The Common Fisheries Policy (Troels Jacob Hegland, Jesper Raakjaer)
The European Defence Community (Richard Griffiths)

February 2020

Accountability and Blame Avoidance After Crises (Sanneke Kuipers, Annika Brändström)
Analyzing Mega-Disaster Hurricane Katrina (Arjen Boin, Christer Brown, James A. Richardson)
Arrow's Theorem (Conal Duddy, Ashley Piggins)
Auditing and Accountability (Jenny de Fine Licht)
Discussion Networks in Political Decision Making (Ian Shapiro, Steven Richardson, Scott McClurg, Anand Sokhey)
Electoral Systems and System Reforms in Latin America (Brian F. Crisp, Patrick Cunha Silva)
Humanitarian Aid and the European Union (Francesca Pusterla, Elia Pusterla)
Japan and the European Union (Hitoshi Suzuki, Yu Suzuki, Yoshimi Igawa)
Justice and Home Affairs in the European Union (Florian Trauner, Ariadna Ripoll Servent)
Luxembourg and the European Union (Robert Harmsen, Anna-Lena Högenauer)
Racial Politics in Haiti (Kersuze Simeon-Jones)
The United States and the European Union (Roberto Dominguez, Joshua Weissman LaFrance)
Threat Framing (Johan Eriksson)
Treaty of Paris (Desmond Dinan)
Trial Courts in the United States (Christina L. Boyd, Adam G. Rutkowski)
Turkey and the European Union (Birol A. Yesilada)

January 2020

Ambivalence in Political Decision Making (Dane Warner, Jason Gainous)
Cyprus and the European Union (Stelios Stavridis, Charalambos Tsardanidis)
European Political Cooperation (EPC) (Elfriede Regelsberger)
European Union Governance (Ingeborg Tömmel)
How Motivation Influences Political Decision Making (Brian J. Gaines, Benjamin R. Kantack)
Party Change and Adaptation in Latin America (Jennifer Cyr, Nicolás Liendo)
The European External Action Service (EEAS) (Ana E. Juncos, Karolina Pomorska)

December 2019

Brazil's Role in Latin American Regionalism (Javier A. Vadell, Clarisa Giaccaglia)
Contact Theory and the Distinct Case of LGBT People and Rights (Brian F. Harrison, Melissa R. Michelson)
European Court of Justice (ECJ) (Sabine Saurugger, Fabien Terpan)
Immigration Policy and European Union Politics (Natascha Zaun, Christof Roos)
Ireland and the European Union (Ben Tonra), revised
Luhmann and Systems Theory (Mathias Albert), revised
Mexico and the European Union (Roberto Dominguez, Marlena Crandall)
Parties and Non-State Actors in Latin America (Santiago Anria, Christopher Chambers-Ju)
The Study of Discrete Emotions in Politics (Cigdem V. Sirin, José D. Villalobos)

November 2019

Anxiety, Fear, and Political Decision Making (Markus Wagner, Davide Morisi)
Brazil’s LGBT Movement (Jacob R. Longaker)
Estonia and the European Union (Tanel Kerikmäe, Holger Mölder, Archil Chochia)
Inducements in Interstate Relations (Paige Cone, Rupal N. Mehta)

October 2019

A Somatic Marker Perspective on Political Decision Making (Xavier Noël, Nematolla Jaafari, Antoine Bechara)
Administrative Culture (Muiris MacCarthaigh, Leno Saarniit)
Agenda Setting in Political Decision Making (Jonathan Klüser, Marco Radojevic)
Arctic Policy in the European Union (Njord Wegge, Cristina-Elena Merticaru)
France and the European Union (Christian Lequesne, Avtansh Behal)
Iceland and European Integration (Baldur Thorhallsson)
International Security in Latin America (Sebastian Bitar, Tom Long)
Religious Frames: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood (Meir Hatina, Uri M. Kupferschmidt)

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