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June 2021

Economic Crisis and Public Administration (Denita Cepiku, Filippo Giordano)
Hungary: A Historically Apolitical Military (Tamás Csiki Varga, András Rácz)
Learning and Crisis (Edward Deverell)
Rational Choice Perspectives on Bureaucracy (Anthony M. Bertelli, Nicola Palma)

May 2021

Collaborative Governance (Joris Voets, Taco Brandsen, Christopher Koliba, Bram Verschuere)
Regulatory Governance: History, Theories, Strategies, and Challenges (David Levi-Faur, Yael Kariv-Teitelbaum, Rotem Medzini)

April 2021

Comparative Abortion Law and Politics (Udi Sommer, Aliza Forman-Rabinovici)

March 2021

Agencification in Public Administration (Koen Verhoest, Sandra van Thiel, Steven F. De Vadder)
Citizen Representation and Electoral Systems (Benjamin Ferland, Matt Golder)
Citizens’ Assemblies and Democracy (Antonin Lacelle-Webster, Mark E. Warren)
Crisis Mapping and Crowdsourcing in Complex Emergencies (Jen Ziemke, Buddhika Jayamaha, Molly M. Jahn)
Ethnic Inequality and Coups d’État (Cristina Bodea, Christian Houle)
Organizational and Institutional Crisis Management (Sanneke Kuipers, Jeroen Wolbers)
Party System Polarization and Electoral Behavior (Ruth Dassonneville, Semih Çakır)

February 2021

Blackness, Race, and Politics in Argentina (Judith M. Anderson, Patricia Gomes)
Mexico: The Evolution of a Multiparty State (Nora Hamilton, Patrice Olsen)
Party Members and Activists in Latin America (Carlos Meléndez, Sebastián Umpierrez de Reguero)
Patronage and Public Administration (Francisco Panizza, B. Guy Peters, Conrado Ramos Larraburu)
Political Obligation (Massimo Renzo)
Public Opinion and Public Support in Crisis Management (Zoe Ang, Benjamin S. Noble, Andrew Reeves)
The Control-Effectiveness Framework of Civil–Military Relations (Florina Cristiana Matei, Carolyn Halladay)
The Czech Republic: The Military and Politics (Zdeněk Kříž, Oldřich Krpec)

January 2021

Courts and Same-Sex Marriage in Latin America (Maximiliano Campana, Juan Marco Vaggione)
Generations and Political Engagement (Miroslav Nemčok, Hanna Wass)
HIV/AIDS Politics and Policy in South Asia (Nayani Rajapaksha, Chrishantha Abeysena)
LGBT Movements in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China (Travis S. K. Kong, Hsiao-wei Kuan, Sky H. L. Lau, Sara L. Friedman)
Nuclear Proliferation: The Next Wave in 2020 (Rupal N. Mehta, Rachel Elizabeth Whitlark)
Party Leadership and Institutionalization in Latin America (Diana Davila Gordillo, Kristin N. Wylie)
Political Culture in Latin America (Elizabeth J. Zechmeister, Daniela Osorio Michel)
Public Administration and Development (Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira)
Public Opinion Toward LGBT People and Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean (Enrique Chaux, Manuela León, Lina Cuellar, Juliana Martínez)
Queer as Materialism (Sophie Noyé, Gianfranco Rebucini)
Transgender-Specific Politics and Policy in Asia (Natasha Israt Kabir, Khadiza Tul Qubra Binte Ahsan)

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