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Oxford University Press is a proud publisher of insightful and informative books in political science. The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics complements and reinforces our commitment to the community of scholars and students in this field, as it provides hundreds of incisive articles on both fundamental and innovative topics. And uniquely, it is designed to present various perspectives on important approaches, issues, and topics, reflective of the tensions and debates that make political science such an exciting field.

A novel tool for contemporary research needs, the Oxford Research Encyclopedia incorporates vanguard innovations in digital publishing. The ORE articles are published and updated on a continual basis and also feature embedded multimedia content, cross-referenced links, and intuitive search and browse functions—all while maintaining the rigorous standards of top-quality, vetted scholarship that readers have come to expect from Oxford University Press.

We hope you will visit and revisit this site as new content is added each month. And please consider getting involved. Contributors to the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics are presented with a rare opportunity: each new article has the potential to become the definitive explanatory essay on its topic. And as a reader, your feedback is essential as the ORE continues to develop through collaboration between the global community of political scientists and Oxford University Press.

Anthony Wahl
Senior Acquisitions Editor, Scholarly Reference