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The Territorial Peace: A Research Program  

Douglas M. Gibler

Published Online:
Jul 2017

Civil Disobedience and Conscientious Objection  

William Smith and Kimberley Brownlee

Published Online:
May 2017

Deliberative Democracy and Political Decision Making  

Jon Green, Jonathon Kingzette, and Michael Neblo

Diffusion in International Politics  

Alex Braithwaite and Sangmi Jeong

Published Online:
Jun 2017

Political Parties and Candidate Selection  

Gideon Rahat and William P. Cross

Published Online:
Feb 2018

What is Political Participation?  

Jan W. van Deth

Published Online:
Nov 2016

The 5 Ws of Democracy Protests  

Dawn Brancati

Published Online:
Oct 2016

Support for Democracy  

Robert Mattes

Published Online:
Jun 2018

Experimental Research in African Politics  

George Kwaku Ofosu

Published Online:
Jun 2019

Democracy Promotion and US Foreign Policy  

David Ryan and Liam O'Brien

Published Online:
Sep 2017