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Political Partisanship as a Social Identity  

Leonie Huddy and Alexa Bankert

Published Online:
May 2017

International Norms and Foreign Policy  

Vaughn Shannon

Published Online:
Jun 2017

Friendship and Foreign Policy  

Felix Berenskoetter and Yuri van Hoef

Published Online:
Jul 2017

Ontological Security and Foreign Policy  

Jennifer Mitzen and Kyle Larson

Published Online:
Aug 2017

Identity and Foreign Policy  

Srdjan Vucetic

Published Online:
Apr 2017

Foreign Policy in Multicultural Societies  

Christopher Hill

Published Online:
Sep 2017

Government Legitimacy and Religion  

Michael Hoffman

Published Online:
Sep 2018

Nationalism and Foreign Policy  

Harris Mylonas and Kendrick Kuo

Nationalism in African Politics  

Sara Rich Dorman

Published Online:
Apr 2019

Protest and Music  

Sumangala Damodaran

The Common Foreign and Security Policy  

Hylke Dijkstra and Sophie Vanhoonacker