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Animal Communication  

Michael D. Beecher

Among Darwin’s brilliant ideas was his (1871) conception of animal communication signals as adaptive characteristics of a species. The idea was subsequently taken up by the ethologists of ... More


Lukas J. Wolf, Geoffrey Haddock, and Gregory R. Maio

Online publication date:
Jun 2020
“Attitudes” refer to summary evaluations of people, groups, ideas, and other objects, reflecting whether individuals like or dislike them. The study of attitudes takes a central position in ... More

Cognitive Psychology During the Cold War Era, 1955–1975  

Hunter Heyck

The first 30 years after the end of World War II saw marked changes in the discipline of psychology: in ideas and institutions, problems and practices, funders and philosophies. These ... More

Culture and Creativity in Multicultural Teams  

Angela K.-y. Leung, Brandon Koh, and Sean Lee

Online publication date:
Jun 2020
The Complementary Model of Culture and Creativity (CMCC) puts into perspective how a culturally diverse team can become more creative than a monocultural team. The CMCC characterizes three ... More

Culture, Language, and Thought  

Mutsumi Imai, Junko Kanero, and Takahiko Masuda

The relations among language, culture, and thought are complex. The empirical evidence from diverse domains suggests that culture affects language, language affects thought, and universally ... More

Forced Resilience: Conceptualizing Resilience in Life-Threatening Adversity  

Helle Harnisch, Edith Montgomery, and Hans Henrik Knoop

Online publication date:
Jun 2020
The field of resilience research lacks conceptualizations of resilience that better reflect the coercive conditions, contexts and experiences of human beings who face life-threatening ... More

From Psychological Humanities to African Psychology: A Review of Sources and Traditions  

Augustine Nwoye

The purpose of the article is to trace the intellectual history of the new postcolonial discipline of African psychology. African psychology as currently conceptualized in universities in ... More

Human Movement, Kinesthesia, and Dance  

Roger Smith

There is intense contemporary public as well as professional psychological interest in bodily movement, gesture, and the subjective experience of movement. This has a background in ... More

Italian Social Psychologies and Fascist Regimes: History of a Collective Removal  

Gilda Sensales

Online publication date:
Jun 2020
The first Italian social psychologies showed a pluralism of perspectives that disappeared in the subsequent development of the discipline. With the presence of a collective sociological ... More

Milgram’s Experiments on Obedience to Authority  

Stephen Gibson

Stanley Milgram’s experiments on obedience to authority are among the most influential and controversial social scientific studies ever conducted. They remain staples of introductory ... More