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November 2020

Culture and memory (Brady Wagoner)
Positive Leadership in Organizations (Rolf Van Dick, Lucas Monzani)

October 2020

Human Attachment and Affiliation (Vivan Zayas, Ezgi Sakman)
Social Influence in Leadership (David E. Rast III, Christine Kershaw)

September 2020

Dogmatism and the Need for Closure (Amber M. Gaffney, Natasha La Vogue)
Negotiation and Bargaining (Wolfgang Steinel, Fieke Harinck)
Social Development Across the Lifespan (Kendall Cotton Bronk, Elyse Postlewaite, Betsy Blackard, Jordan Boeder, Hannah Lucas)

August 2020

A History of Pavlovian Science (Gabriel Ruiz, Natividad Sánchez)
Attitudes and Behavior (Geoffrey Haddock, Sapphira Thorne, Lukas Wolf)
Brain Development (Robbin Gibb)
Brain Lesions (Ian Q. Whishaw, Megan Okuma)
Bystander Apathy (Steve A. Nida)
Crowds and Collective Behavior (John Drury, Stephen Reicher)
Frustration and Relative Deprivation (Kimberly Rios, Cameron D. Mackey)
Gordon Allport (Raymond E. Fancher)
Group Cohesion (Kimberly Rios, Cameron D. Mackey)
Kindling (G. Campbell Teskey)
NMDA receptor mediated plasticity in learning and memory (Robert J. McDonald, Ellen G. Fraser)
Self-Awareness and Self-Knowledge (Mark Alicke, Yiyue Zhang, Nicole Stephenson)
Self-Esteem and Self-Enhancement (Zachary P. Hohman, Joshua K. Brown)
Social Cognition (Kyle G. Ratner)
Studying Development in Mid-20th Century America (Ann Johnson, Elizabeth Johnston)
William James and the Role of Psychology in Philosophy (Saulo de Freitas Araujo, Lisa M. Osbeck)

July 2020

Compliance and Social Psychology (Chad R. Mortensen, Robert B. Cialdini)
LGBTQ Psychology (Peter Hegarty)
Organizational Justice (Dirk D. Steiner)
Psychology and Neoliberalism (Jennifer Clegg, Richard Lansdall-Welfare)
Psychology and Race in Racialized Societies (Cynthia E. Winston-Proctor, Michael R. Winston)
Qualitative inquiry (Jeanne Marecek, Eva Magnusson)
Thirst (Neil E. Rowland)

June 2020

Animal Communication (Michael D. Beecher)
Attitudes (Lukas J. Wolf, Geoffrey Haddock, Gregory R. Maio)
Culture and creativity in multicultural teams (Angela K.-y. Leung, Brandon Koh, Sean Lee)
Culture, Language, and Thought (Mutsumi Imai, Junko Kanero, Takahiko Masuda)
Forced Resilience: Conceptualizing Resilience in Life-Threatening Adversity (Helle Harnisch, Edith Montgomery, Hans Henrik Knoop)
Sexual Health and Sexual Behavior (Sebastian E. Bartos)
The Medicalization of Stress (Vanessa L. Burrows)

May 2020

Creativity (Liane Gabora)
Culture and Human Development (Michael Cole, Martin J. Packer)
Group Norms (Joanne R. Smith)
Hunger (Neil E. Rowland)
Intergroup Attribution (Thomas F. Pettigrew)
Social Psychology and Language (Susan C. Baker, Bernadette M. Watson, Cindy Gallois)

April 2020

Culture and Intelligence (Robert J. Sternberg)
Historical Psychology (Noemi Pizarroso Lopez)
Political Skill at Work and in Careers (Iris Kranefeld, Gerhard Blickle, James Meurs)
Wisdom Across Cultures (Igor Grossmann, Franki Kung)

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