The Oxford Encyclopedia of Psychology and Aging

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Psychology and Aging

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Psychology and Aging provides a broad overview of the field of psychology and aging and a springboard to delve more deeply into specific topics. Its in-depth scholarly articles written by experts worldwide cover theories and conceptual models that shape the field, including perspectives from neighboring disciplines like biology and sociology of aging; methodologies and analytic approaches to the study of aging; the cognitive and affective neuroscience of aging; social and environmental influences on aging and on older adults; clinical geropsychology; developmental psychopathology and implications of aging and the late life context for psychological assessment and therapy with older adults. All of the articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Psychology.

Volume Editor

 Bob Knight, University of Southern Queensland

Associate Editors

 Nicole Anderson, University of Toronto

 Shevaun D. Neupert, North Carolina State University

 Nancy Pachana, University of Queensland

 Hans-Werner Wahl, Heidelberg University


Aging in Social-Physical-Technical-Cultural Environments

Clinical Geropsychology

Cognitive Aging and Neuroscience

Lifespan Developmental Methodology and Analyses

Theories and Conceptual Models in Psychology and Aging



A Review and Reappraisal of the Default Network in Normal Aging and Dementia (Jessica R. Andrews-Hanna, Matthew D. Grilli, Muireann Irish)
Acquired Brain Injury (Stroke and TBI) in Later Life (Megan S. Barker, Emily C. Gibson, Gail A. Robinson)
Aging and Cognitive Skill Learning (Jack Kuhns, Dayna R. Touron)
Aging Couples: Benefits and Costs of Long Intimate Relations (Victoria I. Michalowski, Denis Gerstorf, Christiane A. Hoppmann)
Anxiety Disorders in Late Life (Jonathan S. Gooblar, Sherry A. Beaudreau)
Autism Spectrum Disorders in Later Life (Ye In (Jane) Hwang, Kitty-Rose Foley, Samuel Arnold, Julian Trollor)
Awareness of Aging Processes (Anne Josephine Dutt, Hans-Werner Wahl, Manfred Diehl)
Blood Pressure As a Biomarker in Gerontological Research (Thomas M. Hess, Erica L. O'Brien, Claire M. Growney)
Cognition and Mobility With Aging (Karen Z. H. Li, Halina Bruce, Rachel Downey)
Cognitive Reserve in the Aging Brain (Michael J. Valenzuela)
Comorbidities of Physical and Psychiatric Syndromes in Later Life (Lydia K. Manning, Lauren M. Bouchard, James L. Flanagan)
Critical Role of Social–Cognitive Age Representations (Alison Chasteen, Maria Iankilevitch, Jordana Schiralli, Veronica Bergstrom)
Cultural Variance and Invariance of Age Differences in Social Cognition (Li Chu, Yang Fang, Vivian Hiu-Ling Tsang, Helene H. Fung)
Daily Diary Designs in Lifespan Developmental Psychology (Shevaun D. Neupert, Jennifer A. Bellingtier)
Dementia Syndromes in Late Life (Shellie-Anne T. Levy, Glenn E. Smith)
Dyadic Designs in Lifespan Developmental Methodology (Jeremy B. Yorgason, Melanie S. Hill, Mallory Millett)
Dynamic Integration Theory (Manfred Diehl, Eden Griffin, Allyson Brothers)
Episodic Future Thinking and Cognitive Aging (Daniel L. Schacter, Aleea L. Devitt, Donna Rose Addis)
Ever-Emerging Theories of Aging (W. Andrew Achenbaum)
Everyday Salivary Cortisol as a Biomarker Method in Lifespan Developmental Methodology (Christiane A. Hoppmann, Theresa Pauly, Victoria I. Michalowski, Urs M. Nater)
Family Systems Therapy (Sara Honn Qualls, Lacey Edwards)
Healthy and Pathological Neurocognitive Aging: Spectral and Functional Connectivity Analyses Using Magnetoencephalography (Gianluca Susi, Jaisalmer de Frutos-Lucas, Guiomar Niso, Su Miao Ye-Chen, Luis Antón Toro, Brenda Nadia Chino Vilca, Fernando Maestú)
HIV/AIDS in Later Life (Philip Sayegh, David J. Moore, Pariya Fazeli Wheeler)
Implicit Memory and Cognitive Aging (Emma V. Ward, David R. Shanks)
Inflammation as a Biomarker Method in Lifespan Developmental Methodology (Stephanie J. Wilson, Alex Woody, Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser)
Integrated Theories of Biological Aging (Conscience P. Bwiza, Jyung Mean Son, Changhan Lee)
International Perspectives on Residential Aged Care (Nasreen A. Sadeq, Victor Molinari)
Language and Cognitive Aging (Lori E. James, Sara Anne Goring)
Life Space in Older Adults (Markus Wettstein, Hans-Werner Wahl, Michael Schwenk)
Measurement Burst Designs in Lifespan Developmental Research (Gawon Cho, Giancarlo Pasquini, Stacey B. Scott)
Metamemory and Cognitive Aging (Christopher Hertzog, Taylor Curley)
Methodology for Twin Studies of Aging (Michael J. Lyons, Chandra A. Reynolds, William S. Kremen, Carol E. Franz)
Mixed Methods Research in Adult Development and Aging (Joseph E. Gaugler, Colleen M. Peterson, Lauren L. Mitchell, Jessica Finlay, Eric Jutkowitz)
Mixture Modeling for Lifespan Developmental Research (Alexandre J.S. Morin, David Litalien)
Moderation in Lifespan Developmental Analyses (Johnson Ching Hong Li, Virginia Man Chung Tze)
New Directions in Theories of Emotion and Aging (Joseph A. Mikels, Nathaniel A. Young)
Personality Disorders in Later Life (S.P.J. van Alphen, S.M.J. Heijnen-Kohl)
Physical Contexts and Behavioral Aging (Frank Oswald, Hans-Werner Wahl)
Prospective Memory and Cognitive Aging (Simon J. Haines, Jill Talley Shelton, Julie D. Henry, Gill Terrett, Thomas Vorwerk, Peter G. Rendell)
Psychological Assessment of Older Persons (Jarred Gallegos, Julie Lutz, Emma Katz, Barry Edelstein)
Resilience in Later Life (Nancy A. Pachana, Nicola W. Burton, Deirdre McLaughlin, Colin A. Depp)
Social Gerontology Theories: Past, Present, and Future (Jill Suitor, Megan Gilligan, Marissa Rurka, Yifei Hou, Gulcin Con)
Social Isolation and Loneliness in Old Age (Clemens Tesch-Roemer, Oliver Huxhold)
Social Participation and Volunteering in Later Life (Nancy Morrow-Howell, Yi Wang, Takashi Amano)
Speech Comprehension and Cognition in Adult Aging (Nicole D. Ayasse, Alexis R. Johns, Arthur Wingfield)
Stress and Coping Theory Across the Adult Lifespan (Agus Surachman, David M. Almeida)
Subjective Aging and Health (Gerben J. Westerhof, Susanne Wurm)
Substance Use in Later Life (Stephen J. Bright)
Successful Aging: History and Prospects (John W. Rowe, Dawn C. Carr)
Suicide in Later Life (Kim Van Orden, Caroline Silva, Yeates Conwell)
Technology Use by Older Adults (Sara J. Czaja, Chin Chin Lee)
Visual Attention With Cognitive Aging (David J. Madden, Zachary A. Monge)