Forthcoming Articles

Forthcoming Articles

Explore ORE of Psychology articles in progress, organized by subfield (note that articles may appear under more than one category). Projected publication dates are provided for articles in production. When available, linked titles will take you to an advance summary of the article.

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Affective Science

Commissioning in progress

Biological Foundations of Psychology

Somatics in Sport and Performance Psychology (William B. Strean), forthcoming Oct-Dec 2020

Clinical Psychology: Disorders and Therapies

Common Factors in Psychotherapy (Julia Browne, Corinne Cather, Kim T. Mueser), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021

Cognitive Psychology/Neuroscience

Deep brain stimulation (Tipu Aziz, Holly Roy), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021
Pavlovian and Instrumental Conditioning (Federico Sanabria)
Play (Sergio M. Pellis, Vivien C. Pellis)

Developmental Psychology

Development of gaze control in early infancy (Kerstin Rosander), forthcoming Oct–Dec 2020

Educational/School Psychology

Commissioning in progress

Forensic Psychology

Commissioning in progress

Health Psychology

Culture and Psychological Health (Shahe Kazarian)

History and Systems of Psychology

History of Social Psychology at Mid-20th Century (Thomas F. Pettigrew), forthcoming Oct–Dec 2020
Aaron Beck and the History of Cognitive Therapy (Steven D. Hollon), forthcoming Oct–Dec 2020
The History of Psychology in Brazil (Regina Helena de Freitas Campos), forthcoming Oct–Dec 2020
The Development of DSM-III (Hannah S. Decker), forthcoming Oct–Dec 2020
Ethics (Alan C. Tjeltveit), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021
History and systems of critical psychology (Thomas Teo), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021
Decolonial Perspectives on Psychology and Development (Glenn Adams, Annabella Osei-Tutu, Adjeiwa Affram)
Psychoanalysis in Argentina (Hugo Klappenbach, Antonio Gentile, Fernando Ferrari, Hernan Scholten)
The Continuity of Experience, From Young William James to Mature Psychologist (Paul J. Croce)
The Genetic Epistemology of Jean Piaget (Jeremy Burman)

Individual Differences

Gender Differences in Moral Judgment and Behavior (John C. Gibbs), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Temporal Dynamics in Organizational Psychology (Yannick Griep, Hannes Zacher), forthcoming Jan–Mar 2021
Individual Differences at Work (Adrian Furnham)
The Group Dynamics of Interorganizational Collaboration (Sandra Schruijer)

Methods and Approaches in Psychology

Somatics in Sport and Performance Psychology (William B. Strean), forthcoming Oct-Dec 2020


Commissioning in progress


Commissioning in progress

Psychology and Other Disciplines

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression (Stirling Moorey, Steven D. Hollon)

Social Psychology

Commissioning in progress

Sport Psychology

Somatics in Sport and Performance Psychology (William B. Strean), forthcoming Oct-Dec 2020