The Oxford Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Organizations as social forms are ubiquitous in developed as well as developing regions, where they are pillars of growth. As a result, the field of Organizational Psychology is growing globally in research and professional practice. The concepts, methodologies, theories, and tools for assessment and interventions are becoming more complex and diverse. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology develops a systematic conceptualization that may facilitate further expansion of the field, providing wide-ranging coverage on foundational and emerging topics in in-depth scholarly articles written by experts worldwide. All of the articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Psychology..

Volume Editor

 José M. Peiro, University of Valencia, Director of the Research Institute of Human Resources Psychology, Organizational Development, and Quality of Working Life (IDOCAL)



Action Regulation Theory (Hannes Zacher)
Ageism in the Workplace (David M. Cadiz, Amy C. Pytlovany, Donald M. Truxillo)
Aging Workforce Issues from a Multilevel Approach (Lale M. Yaldiz, Franco Fraccaroli, Donald M. Truxillo)
Burnout in Organizations (Michael P. Leiter, Jo Wintle)
Careers and Career Development (Jos Akkermans, Daniel Spurk, Nadya Fouad)
Communication in Organizations (Ryan S. Bisel, Katherine Ann Rush)
Conflict Management (Patricia Elgoibar, Martin Euwema, Lourdes Munduate)
Creativity at Work (Kristina Potočnik, Neil Anderson)
Dark Personalities in the Workplace (Birgit Schyns, Susanne Braun, Barbara Wisse)
Disabilities at Work (Fred Zijlstra, Henny Mulders)
Diversity in the Workplace (Regine Bendl, Astrid Hainzl, Heike Mensi-Klarbach)
Emotions at Work (Neal M. Ashkanasy, Agata Bialkowski)
Impression Management (David M. Long)
Job and Work Design (Anja Van den Broeck, Sharon K. Parker)
Job Insecurity (Nele De Cuyper, Hans De Witte)
Judgment and Decision-Making Processes (Richard P. Larrick, M. Asher Lawson)
Justice in Teams (Vincente Martínez-Tur, Carolina Moliner)
Mediator Variables (Matthew S. Fritz, Houston F. Lester)
Moderator Variables (Matthew S. Fritz, Ann M. Arthur)
Multilevel Modeling Methods (Vicente González-Romá, Ana Hernández)
Organizational Behavior (Neal M. Ashkanasy, Alana D. Dorris)
Organizational Climate and Culture (Mark G. Ehrhart, Benjamin Schneider)
Organizational Dehumanization (Noémie Brison, Florence Stinglhamber, Gaëtane Caesens)
Organization Development (W. Warner Burke)
Organizational Justice (Dirk D. Steiner)
Organizational Sensemaking (Ravi S. Kudesia)
Organization Change (George P. Huber, Jean M. Bartunek)
Overqualification in the Workplace (Berrin Erdogan, Talya N. Bauer, Aysegul Karaeminogullari)
Personnel Selection (Jesús F. Salgado)
Political Skill at Work and in Careers (Iris Kranefeld, Gerhard Blickle, James Meurs)
Positive Leadership in Organizations (Lucas Monzani, Rolf Van Dick)
Retirement (Mo Wang, Valeria Alterman)
Safety at Work (Gudela Grote)
Team Dynamics and Processes in the Workplace (Tiffany M. Bisbey, Eduardo Salas)
Telework and Remote Work (Matti Vartiainen)
Temporal Dynamics in Organizational Psychology (Yannick Griep, Hannes Zacher)
Work and Family (MacKenna L. Perry, Leslie B. Hammer)
Work and Organizational Issues Affecting Young Workers (Rosalind H. Searle, Belgin Okay-Somerville, Eva Selenko)