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Recently Published

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April 2020

Culture and Intelligence (Robert J. Sternberg)
Historical Psychology (Noemi Pizarroso Lopez)
Political Skill at Work and in Careers (Iris Kranefeld, Gerhard Blickle, James Meurs)
Wisdom Across Cultures (Igor Grossmann, Franki Kung)

March 2020

Gestalt Psychology (Horst Gundlach)
Self-Observation in Psychology (Donald Brown, Karyna Pryiomka, Joshua W. Clegg)

February 2020

Animal Cognition (Sarah Krichbaum, Adam Davila, Lucia Lazarowski, Jeffrey S. Katz)
Cultural Competence (Soon Ang, Kok-Ye Ng, Thomas Rockstuhl)
History of Chinese Indigenous Psychology (Olwen Bedford, Kuang-Hui Yeh)
History of Evidence-Based Practice (Scott O. Lilienfeld, Candice Basterfield)
History of Mindfulness and Psychology (Shauna Shapiro, Elli Weisbaum)
Indigenization of Behavior Analysis in Brazil (Rodrigo Lopes Miranda, Jaqueline Andrade Torres, Roberta Garcia Alves, Sérgio Dias Cirino)
Marxist Influences in Psychology (Tuomas Laine-Frigren)
Research Methods in Cross-Cultural Psychology (Fons J.R. Van de Vijver, Jia He)

January 2020

Hearing and Cognitive Aging (Margaret Kathleen Pichora-Fuller)
Social Development (Ross Parke)
Thought Suppression (Christine Purdon)

November 2019

Psychological Aspects of Cancer Screening (Christian von Wagner, Wouter Verstraete, Sandro Stoffel)

October 2019

Dark Personalities in the Workplace (Birgit Schyns, Susanne Braun, Barbara Wisse)
Intersectionality and the History of Psychology (Alexandra Rutherford, Tal Davidson)
Organization Change (George P. Huber, Jean M. Bartunek)
Professionalization of Psychology in the Nordic Countries (Petteri Pietikainen, Jesper Vaczy Kragh)
Structure and Function of Attitudes (Pablo Briñol, Richard E. Petty, Maria Stavraki)
Vygotsky and the Cultural Historical Approach to Human Development (Ekaterina Zavershneva, René van der Veer)

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