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December 2022

Industrial and Organizational Psychology From a Global Perspective (Mo Wang, Chengquan Huang, Junhui Yang, Zhefan Huang)
Neuroimaging (Chelsea Ekstrand)
The Psychology of Abusive Supervision (Katrina A. Graham, Gahyun Yoo, Emma K. Kristal)
Twin Methodology in Psychological Studies (Darya Gaysina, Ellen J. Thompson)

November 2022

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety (Michelle L. Moulds, Jessica R. Grisham, Bronwyn M. Graham)
Gender in Organizations (Karyssa Courey, Makai Ruffin, Mikki Hebl, Dillon Stewart, Meridith Townsend, Leilani Seged, Jordyn Williams, Cedric Patterson, Sara Mei, Eden King)
Language and Social Cognition (Anne Maass, Carmen Cervone, Ilayda Ozdemir)
Liking and Loving (Margaret S. Clark, Chance Adkins, Brian Bink)
Motor Development: Biological Aspects of Brain and Behavior (Audrey van der Meer, F. R. (Ruud) van der Weel)
Quality of Working Life (David E. Guest)
The Psychology of Hearing Loss (Christopher J. Plack, Hannah H. Guest)
Williams Syndrome (Janette Atkinson)
Work Motivation (James M. Diefendorff, Megan E. Kenworthy, Faith C. Lee, Linh K. Nguyen)

October 2022

Working Memory (Tom Hartley, Graham J. Hitch)

September 2022

Ethical Leadership (Suzanne van Gils, Niels van Quaquebeke)
Formation of Attitudes: How People (Wittingly or Unwittingly) Develop Their Viewpoints (Blair T. Johnson, Lisset Martinez-Berman, Christine M. Curley)
Job Crafting (Fangfang Zhang, Sabreen Kaur, Sharon K. Parker)
Persuasive Communication: Source, message, audience (Benjamin D. Rosenberg, Alexander Marshburn, Jason T. Siegel)
The Social Brain (Halie Olson, Anila D'Mello)

August 2022

Conscious and Unconscious Mental States (Zoltan Dienes, Anil K. Seth)
Cultures of Honor (Patricia M. Rodriguez Mosquera)
Down Syndrome from a Neurodevelopmental Perspective (Eloisa Tudella, Meyene Duque Weber, Carolina Fioroni Ribeiro da Silva, Cristina Hamamura Moriyama)

July 2022

Effects of Early Visual Deprivation (Brigitte Röder, Ramesh Kekunnaya)

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