The Oxford Encyclopedia of Social Psychology

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Social Psychology

Social psychology is the study of human interaction. It seeks to understand how people affect, and are affected by, other people—how people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are affected by the real, imagined, or implied presence of other people. Social psychologists employ a wide variety of scientific methods, ranging from laboratory experiments to observational and survey studies conducted in the field. Ultimately, this research is aimed at building, testing, and revising theories of social behavior and interaction. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Social Psychology provides a scholarly, accessible, and up-to-date overview of the field in in-depth articles, which also appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Psychology.

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 Michael Hogg, Claremont Graduate University


Aggression and Prosocial Behavior


Attraction and Close Relationships

Attribution and Social Explanation




Group Processes

Health Psychology

Intergroup Behavior

Language and Communication

Persuasion and Attitude Change

Prejudice and Discrimination

Self and Identity

Social Cognition and Social Thinking

Social Influence



Attitudes (Geoffrey Haddock, Gregory R. Maio)
Attitudes and Behavior (Sapphira Thorne, Lukas Wolf)
Bystander Apathy (Steve A. Nida)
Cognitive Consistency in Social Cognition (Skylar M. Brannon, Bertram Gawronski)
Compliance and Social Psychology (Chad R. Mortensen, Robert B. Cialdini)
Conservation and the Environment (Adam R. Pearson, Matthew T. Ballew)
Crowds and Collective Behavior (John Drury, Stephen Reicher)
Dogmatism and the Need for Closure (Amber M. Gaffney, Natasha La Vogue)
Empathy and Altruism (Eric L. Stocks, David A. Lishner)
Existential Meaning and Terror Management (Sheldon Solomon, Jeff Greenberg)
Frustration and Relative Deprivation (Kimberly Rios, Cameron D. Mackey)
Gender in a Social Psychology Context (Thekla Morgenroth, Michelle K. Ryan)
Group Cohesion (Kimberly Rios, Cameron D. Mackey)
Group Decision-Making (R. Scott Tindale, Jeremy R. Winget)
Group Norms (Joanne R. Smith)
Group Processes (Charles Stangor)
Human Aggression (Christopher Groves, Craig A. Anderson)
Human Attachment and Affiliation (Vivan Zayas, Ezgi Sakman)
Intergroup Attribution (Thomas F. Pettigrew)
Negotiation and Bargaining (Wolfgang Steinel, Fieke Harinck)
Prejudice (Fabian M. H. Schellhaas, Adam R. Pearson)
Self and Identity (Sanaz Talaifar, William Swann)
Self-Awareness and Self-Knowledge (Yiyue Zhang, Nicole Stephenson)
Self-Esteem and Self-Enhancement (Zachary P. Hohman, Joshua K. Brown)
Social Categorization (Craig McGarty)
Social Cognition (Kyle G. Ratner)
Social Comparison (Zlatan Krizan)
Social Development Across the Lifespan (Jordan Boeder, Hannah Lucas)
Social Influence in Leadership (David E. Rast III, Christine Kershaw)
Social Markers in Language and Speech (Margaret Jane Pitts, Cindy Gallois)
Social Psychology and Language (Bernadette M. Watson, Cindy Gallois)
Stereotypes and Prejudice (David Marx, Sei Jin Ko)
Structure and Function of Attitudes (Richard E. Petty, Maria Stavraki)
Trust and Social Dilemmas (Craig D. Parks)