The Oxford Encyclopedia of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

Scientists who study the psychology of human movement examine professional contexts that demand excellence in psychomotor performance. These include sport, performing arts, surgery, firefighting, law enforcement, military operations, and so on. In addition, this broad are of study overlaps with the research on the adoption and maintenance of physical activity for mental and physical health. The field has been titled Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology begins with a global overview of the history of the field, followed by sections on foundational theories, psychological theories, psychosocial mental health concerns, development, leadership, performance, psychobiological perspectives, motivation, special populations, and research and evaluation. All of the in-depth, scholarly articles prepared by experts worldwide for this project also appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Psychology.

Volume Editor

 Edmund Acevedo, Virginia Commonwealth University


Context, Issues, and Perspectives

Developmental Aspects

Exercise Motivation

Exercise Psychology and Mental Health

Exercise Psychology in Special Populations

Foundational Skills and Theories in Sport and Performance Psychology

History of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

Performance-Specific Issues

Psychobiological Perspectives

Psychological Skills in Sport and Performance

Psychosocial Leadership Skills

Psychosocial Mental Health Concerns in Sport and Performance Psychology

Supervision and Evaluation


Anxiety and Fear in Sport and Performance (Shuge Zhang, Tim Woodman, Ross Roberts)
Arousal Control in Sport (Martin Turner, Marc Jones)
Bullying in Sport and Performance Psychology (Leslee A. Fisher, Lars Dzikus)
Burnout in Sport and Performance (Robert C. Eklund, J.D. Defreese)
Concussion in Sport (Anthony P. Kontos, Jamie McAllister-Deitrick)
Depression Among Athletes and the Potential Impact on Performance (Zella Moore, Jamie Leboff, Kehana Bonagura)
Developing Athletes in the Context of Sport and Performance Psychology (Luc J. Martin, David J. Hancock, Jean Côté)
Emotional Self-Regulation in Sport and Performance (Claudio Robazza, Montse C. Ruiz)
Exercise and Mental Health Benefits (Aaron L. Slusher, Edmund O. Acevedo)
Gambling in Sport and Performance Psychology (Loredana A. Marchica, Jeffrey L. Derevensky)
Goal Setting in Sport and Performance (Laura Healy, Alison Tincknell-Smith, Nikos Ntoumanis)
History of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology in Southern Africa (Clinton Gahwiler, Lee Hill, Valérie Grand’Maison)
Humanistic Theory in Sport, Performance, and Sports Coaching Psychology (Rebecca K. Dickinson, Tristan J. Coulter, Clifford J. Mallett)
Leadership Skills in Sport (W. James Weese, P. Chelladurai)
Modeling in Sport and Performance (Barbi Law, Phillip Post, Penny McCullagh)
Motivation in Sport and Performance (Glyn C. Roberts, Christina G. L. Nerstad, P. Nicolas Lemyre)
Multicultural Sport Psychology's Consulting Role in the United States Activist-Athlete Movement (Jessica L. David, Jesse A. Steinfeldt, I. S. Keino Miller, Jacqueline E. Hyman)
Perfectionism and Performance in Sport, Education, and the Workplace (Daniel J. Madigan, Andrew P. Hill, Sarah H. Mallinson-Howard, Thomas Curran, Gareth E. Jowett)
Physical Activity and Personality Traits (Ryan E. Rhodes, Patrick Boudreau)
Physical Activity and Sleep (Sayaka Aritake-Okada, Sunao Uchida)
Physical Activity, Physical Fitness, and Depression (Felipe B. Schuch, Brendon Stubbs)
Psychological Aspects of Athletic Training (Heather N. Schuyler, Brieanne R. Seguin, Nicole Anne Wilkins, J. Jordan Hamson-Utley)
Psychological Considerations for the Older Athlete (Bradley W. Young, Bettina Callary, Scott Rathwell)
Psychological Imagery in Sport and Performance (Krista J. Munroe-Chandler, Michelle D. Guerrero)
Psychoneuroendocrinology and Physical Activity (Anthony C. Hackney, Eser Ağgön)
Relaxation and Recovery in Sport and Performance (Maximilian Pelka, Michael Kellmann)
Self-Talk in Sport and Performance (Judy L. Van Raalte, Andrew Vincent)
Supervision in Exercise Settings (Sam Zizzi, Jana L. Fogaca)
Surgical Performance From a Psychological Perspective (Aidan Moran, Nick Sevdalis, Lauren Wallace)
Theoretical Approaches to Physical Activity Promotion (Nikos Ntoumanis, Cecile Thørgersen-Ntoumani, Eleanor Quested, Nikos Chatzisarantis)