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Cognitive Consistency in Social Cognition  

Skylar M. Brannon and Bertram Gawronski

Published Online:
Mar 2018

Illness-Related Cognition  

Amy E. Richardson and Elizabeth Broadbent

Published Online:
Dec 2017

Organizational Sensemaking  

Ravi S. Kudesia

Published Online:
Apr 2017

Metamemory and Cognitive Aging  

Christopher Hertzog and Taylor Curley

Speech Comprehension and Cognition in Adult Aging  

Nicole D. Ayasse, Alexis R. Johns, and Arthur Wingfield

Published Online:
Jul 2018

Life Space in Older Adults  

Markus Wettstein, Hans-Werner Wahl, and Michael Schwenk

Aging Couples: Benefits and Costs of Long Intimate Relations  

Victoria I. Michalowski, Denis Gerstorf, and Christiane A. Hoppmann

Acquired Brain Injury (Stroke and TBI) in Later Life  

Megan S. Barker, Emily C. Gibson, and Gail A. Robinson

Published Online:
Oct 2018

Visual Attention With Cognitive Aging  

David J. Madden and Zachary A. Monge


John F. Dovidio, Fabian M. H. Schellhaas, and Adam R. Pearson

Published Online:
May 2019

Cultural Variance and Invariance of Age Differences in Social Cognition  

Li Chu, Yang Fang, Vivian Hiu-Ling Tsang, and Helene H. Fung