Special Projects

In addition to its broad array of individually commissioned articles, the Oxford Research Encyclopedia includes articles from special edited collections on select subfields, which are also published as stand-alone printed volumes.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Water, Sanitation, and Global Health

The provision of adequate supplies of safe potable drinking water and the management of human wastewater and excreta have been among the most important public health success stories in industrialized countries over the past 150 years.

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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Sexual and Reproductive Health

Commissioned as part of the ORE of Global Public Health, the collection of articles will emphasize the research regarding determinants of the different dimensions of sexual and reproductive health.

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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Aging and Public Health

During the next few decades, older adults will comprise an ever-larger proportion of the population in almost every society around the world; the digital-native collection will be a comprehensive reference for the field of public health and aging, and will provide a broad overview of important topics, as well as an in-depth examination of current and emerging public health issues related to an aging society.

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