Past Updates

November 2023

Diabetes in South Asians (Sara Garduño‐Diaz, Santosh Khokhar)
Health Wearable Tools and Health Promotion (Arul Chib, Caining Li, Sapphire Lin), revised
Risky Sexual Behaviors: Trends among Young People (10-24 years) in Four East African Countries (Fredrick E. Makumbi, Sarah Nabukeera, Justine N. Bukenya, Simon Peter Sebina Kibira)


October 2023

Disability and Rural Health (Rayna Sage, Genna Mashinchi, Craig Ravesloot)
Maternal Health and Well-Being (Samuel Akombeng Ojong, Cheryl A. Moyer, Bridgette Wamakima, Marleen Temmerman), revised


September 2023

Psychosocial Aspects of Cardiovascular Disease in African Americans (Amy L. Ai, Hoa B. Appel, Sabrina L. Dickey)

August 2023

Behavioral Interventions to Reduce and Prevent Racial Bias (Nicole Farmer, Alyssa Baginski, Talya Gordon), revised
Indigenous Health Policy (Ian Anderson, Kate Silburn)
Intervention Approaches for Osteoarthritis (Susan Hughes, Cheryl Der Ananian, Andrew DeMott)
Priming Healthcare for Health Equity Management (Ebbin D. Dotson, Kimson E. Johnson, Jada Irving)

July 2023

Newborn Mortality (Li Liu, Lucia Hug, Diana Yeung, Danzhen You)

June 2023

Global Trends in Life Expectancy and Healthy Life Expectancy (Emmanuelle Cambois, Géraldine Duthé, France Meslé)

May 2023

Investing in Community Organizations That Serve Marginalized Populations (Margarita Alegria, Lauren Cohen, Ziqiang Lin, Michelle Cheng, Sheri Lapatin Markle)
Membrane Filtration (Maryna Peter)
Urban Health and Disaster Resilience (David Sanderson, Ronak Patel, Kelsey Gleason)

April 2023

Big Data and Urban Health (Mark Stevenson, Jason Thompson, Thanh Ho)

February 2023

Digital Solutions to Public Health Issues (Si Ying Tan, Jeremy Fung Yen Lim)
Using Lifestyle Interventions to Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk in African Americans (Robert L. Newton, Jr., George W. Rebok, Andrew McLeod, Owen Carmichael)
Indigenous Health and Connection to Country (Alister Thorpe, Aryati Yashadhana, Brett Biles, Emily Munro-Harrison, Jonathan Kingsley)
The Intersection of Disability with Substance Use and Addiction (Sharon Reif, Margaret T. Lee, Emily Ledingham)

January 2023

Climate Change and Water-Related Diseases in the Mekong Delta Area (Nu Quy Linh Tran, Des Connell, Trung Hieu Nguyen, Dung Phung)
Indigenous Health and Connection to Country (Alister Thorpe, Aryati Yashadhana, Brett Biles, Emily Munro-Harrison, Jonathan Kingsley)
The Intersection of Disability with Substance Use and Addiction (Sharon Reif, Margaret T. Lee, Emily Ledingham)

December 2022

Productive Engagement of Older Adults (Nancy Morrow-Howell, Peter Sun)
The Demography of Fertility (Visseho Adjiwanou, Ben Malinga John)

November 2022


October 2022

Approaches to Contraceptive Methods for Men (Christina Wang, Ronald S. Swerdloff)
The Political Determinants of Health: A Global Panacea for Health Inequities (Daniel E. Dawes, Christian M. Amador, Nelson J. Dunlap)

September 2022

Cities, Health and Intersectorialities (Marco Akerman, Gabriela Murillo Sancho, Samuel Jorge Moysés)

August 2022

Health of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil: Inequities and the Uneven Trajectory of Public Policies (Ricardo Ventura Santos, James R. Welch, Ana Lucia Pontes, Luiza Garnelo, Andrey Moreira Cardoso, Carlos E. A Coimbra Jr.)

July 2022


June 2022

Surveys in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (Madeleine Short Fabic, Yoonjoung Choi, Fredrick Makumbi)

May 2022

Injury Prevention Methods (Samuel Forjuoh, Guohua Li)

April 2022

Active Global Citizens as Adolescents and Adults (Anna Jarkiewicz, Mariusz Granosik)
Health Workforce: Situations and Challenges in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Brazil (Maria Helena Machado, Renato Penha de Oliveira Santos, Pedro Miguel dos Santos Neto, Vanessa Gabrielle Diniz Santana, Francisco Eduardo de Campos)

March 2022

Parent-Adult Child Ties and Older Adult Health and Well-Being (J. Jill Suitor, Yifei Hou, Catherine Stepniak, Robert T. Frase, Destiny Ogle)
Prevention of Suicide (Danuta Wasserman)


February 2022

Burn-related Injuries (Ashley van Niekerk)
Inclusive Medicine and Medical Education: Increasing the Number of Clinicians with Disabilities (Kristina Petersen, Zoie Sheets, Satendra Singh, Zina Jawadi, Dawn Michael, Lisa Meeks)
Urban Water Regulation and Health: The Case of Chile (Michael Hantke-Domas, Ronaldo Bruna)

January 2022

Firearm Injuries and Public Health (Linda Dahlberg, Alexander Butchart, James Mercy, Thomas Simon)

December 2021

Drowning: Global Burden, Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies (Aminur Rahman, Amy E. Peden, Lamisa Ashraf, Daniel Ryan, Al-Amin Bhuiyan, Stephen Beerman)
Migration, Migrants and Health in Latin America and the Caribbean (Deisy Ventura, Jameson Martins da Silva, Leticia Calderón, Itzel Eguiluz)

November 2021

Global Epidemiology of Induced Abortion (Suzanne O. Bell, Mridula Shankar, Caroline Moreau)

September 2021


August 2021

Sex and Conception Probability (Justin C. Konje, Oladipo A. Ladipo)
Sexual and Reproductive Health in China (Qianling Zhou, Chu-Yao Jin, Hai-Jun Wang)
Urban Homelessness Policy in OECD Nations (Charley E. Willison, Amanda I. Mauri)

June 2021


May 2021

Early Life Origins of ASD and ADHD (Yuelong Ji, Ramkripa Raghavan, Xiaobin Wang)
Fetal Deaths in High-income Countries (Sarka Lisonkova, K. S. Joseph)
Post-Disaster Recovery and Social Capital (Suzanne Vallance, Ashley Rudkevitch)
Religion, Aging, and Public Health (Jeff Levin, Ellen Idler)
Water Safety Plans (Karen Setty, Giuliana Ferrero)

April 2021


March 2021

Biologic and Social Aspects of Human Infertility: A Global Perspective (Marie Thoma, Jasmine Fledderjohann, Carie Cox, Rudolph Kantum Adageba)
Health information systems and migrant health in Europe (Louise Biddle, Kayvan Bozorgmehr, Rosa Jahn)
Infectious Diseases among Migrant Populations (Silvia Declich, Maria Grazia Dente, Christina Greenaway, Francesco Castelli)
Wastewater Tariffs in Spain (Marián García-Valiñas, Fernando Arbués)

February 2021

Wellbeing Economics (Paul Dalziel, Trudi Cameron)

January 2021


December 2020


November 2020

Menopause (Funmilola M. OlaOlorun, Wen Shen)

August 2020

Environmental Health in Latin American Countries (Luiz Augusto Cassanha Galvao, Volney Câmara, Daniel Buss)
Male Reproductive Function and Fecundity (Michael T. Mbizvo, Tendai M. Chiware)
Nonlinear pricing with reference dependence (Catarina Roseta-Palma, Miguel Carvalho, Ricardo Correia)

July 2020

Dynamic water pricing (R. Quentin Grafton, Long Chu, Paul Wyrwoll)
Obstetric Fistula (Chi Chiung Grace Chen, René Génadry)
Pregnancy and Non-Sexually Transmitted Infections (Ana Luiza Vilela Borges, Christiane Borges do Nascimento Chofakian, Ana Paula Sayuri Sato)
Water tariffs in Spain (Fernando Arbués, Marián García-Valiñas)
Well-Being and Mental Wellness (Gerard Bodeker, Sergio Pecorelli, Lawrence Choy, Ranieri Guerra, Kishan Kariippanon)

June 2020

Sexual and Reproductive Health in India (Shireen Jejeebhoy, K. G. Santhya, A. J. Francis Zavier)

May 2020

Bioethics and Reproduction with Insights from Uruguay (Lillian Abracinskas, Santiago Puyol)
The People’s Health Movement (Ravi Narayan, Claudio Schuftan, Brendan Donegan)

April 2020

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (Ndola Prata, Karen Weidert)

March 2020

Malnutrition (Roger Shrimpton)

February 2020


November 2019

Public Health Impact of Breastfeeding (Colin Binns, Mi Kyung Lee)

October 2019


September 2019


July 2019

The Health Economic-Industrial Complex (HEIC) and a New Public Health Perspective (José Gomes Temporão, Carlos Augusto Grabois Gadelha)

May 2019

Child Health in Latin America (Célia Landmann Szwarcwald, Maria do Carmo Leal, Fiocruz Child Health Group)
The Politics of Primary Health Care (David Sanders, Louis Reynolds)

April 2019

“One Health” from Concept to Application in the Global World (Maria Cristina Schneider, Claudia Munoz-Zanzi, Kyung-duk Min, Sylvain Aldighieri)
Infecundity and Infertility (Marie Thoma, Carie Cox, Jasmine Fledderjohann, Rudolph Kantum Adageba), summary
Malnutrition (Roger Shrimpton), summary

February 2019

Health Equity Metrics (Juan Garay, David Chiriboga, Nefer Kelley, Adam Garay)
History of Public Health in Latin America (Marcos Cueto, Steven Palmer)

January 2019

October 2018

Health and Safety Issues for Workers in Nonstandard Employment (Emily Quinn Ahonen, Sherry L. Baron, Lisa M. Brosseau, Alejandra Vives)

September 2018

August 2018

July 2018

HIV Ed: A Global Perspective (Ralph J. DiClemente, Nihari Patel)

June 2018

Health Policies and Systems in Latin America (Asa Cristina Laurell, Ligia Giovanella)

May 2018

Health in All Policies: Perspectives from the Region of the Americas (Kira Fortune, Francisco Becerra, Paulo Buss, Orielle Solar, Patricia Ribeiro, Gabriela E. Keahon)

April 2018

Migration and Obesity (Solveig A. Cunningham, Hadewijch Vandenheede)
Vaccine Hesitancy (Eve Dubé, Noni E. MacDonald)

March 2018

February 2018

Health Equity Metrics (Juan Garay, David Chiriboga, Nefer Kelley), summary
Violence and Health (Maria Cecília de Souza Minayo, Saul Franco)

January 2018

Impacts of Climate Change on Workers’ Health and Safety (Barry S. Levy, Cora Roelofs), summary
The People’s Health Movement (Ravi Narayan), summary

December 2017

HIV Ed: A Global Perspective (Ralph J. DiClemente, Nihari Patel), summary
Mental Health of Migrant Children (Saida M. Abdi), summary

November 2017

September 2017

Potential Environmental Health Threats From Fracking (Irena Gorski, Brian Schwartz), summary