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Recently Published

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March 2023


February 2023

Digital Solutions to Public Health Issues (Si Ying Tan, Jeremy Fung Yen Lim)
Using Lifestyle Interventions to Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk in African Americans (Robert L. Newton, Jr., George W. Rebok, Andrew McLeod, Owen Carmichael)

January 2023

Climate Change and Water-Related Diseases in the Mekong Delta Area (Nu Quy Linh Tran, Des Connell, Trung Hieu Nguyen, Dung Phung)
Indigenous Health and Connection to Country (Alister Thorpe, Aryati Yashadhana, Brett Biles, Emily Munro-Harrison, Jonathan Kingsley)
The Intersection of Disability with Substance Use and Addiction (Sharon Reif, Margaret T. Lee, Emily Ledingham)

December 2022

Productive Engagement of Older Adults (Nancy Morrow-Howell, Peter Sun)
The Demography of Fertility (Visseho Adjiwanou, Ben Malinga John)

November 2022


October 2022

Approaches to Contraceptive Methods for Men (Christina Wang, Ronald S. Swerdloff)
The Political Determinants of Health: A Global Panacea for Health Inequities (Daniel E. Dawes, Christian M. Amador, Nelson J. Dunlap)

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