The Oxford History of Christian Worship

The Oxford History of Christian Worship

Originally published in 2005, The Oxford History of Christian Worship is a comprehensive and authoritative history of the origins and development of Christian worship to the present day. Backed by an international roster of experts as contributors, this book examines the liturgical traditions of Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant, and Pentecostal traditions throughout history and across the world. As part of the ORE of Religion, The Oxford History of Christian Worship will receive a new update, with revised articles as well as brand new topics to address the ongoing changes in the field. All of the articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion.

Volume Editor

 Karen Westerfield Tucker, Boston University

 Geoffrey Wainwright, Duke University

Original Topics

Art and Christianity into the Twenty-first Century

Anglicans and Dissenters

Baptist Worship in Britain

Byzantine and Slavic Orthodoxy

Christian Liturgical Music

Ecumenical Convergences

Mainline Protestants in Latin America


Mission and Inculturation: Africa

Mission and Inculturation: East Asian and the Pacific

North America

Pentecostal and Charismatic Worship

Reforms, Protestant and Catholic

Roman Catholics in Hispanic America

The Age of Revolutions

The Ancient Oriental Churches

The Apostolic Tradition

The Classic Age of Christian Worship

The Conversion of the Nations

The Liturgical Movement and Catholic Ritual Revision

The Lutheran Tradition in German Lands

The Lutheran Tradition in Scandinavia

The Reformed Tradition in Continental Europe: Switzerland, France, and Germany

The Reformed Tradition in Korea

The Reformed Tradition in Scotland

The Reformed Tradition in the Netherlands

The Spatial Setting

The Uniting Church in Australia

Vestments and Objects

Western Christendom

Women in Worship

New Articles

Digital Worship

Worship in African Instituted Churches

Bohemian Brethren

Worship among Unitarian Universalists

Liturgical Time

Inculturation in Protestant Contexts

Interreligious Ritual Dialogue

Historical Methodologies for Liturgical Research

Gestures and Postures

Liturgy and the Body

Liturgy and Neuroscience

Worship and Race

Multicultural Worship

Worship and the Prosperity Gospel

Worship and Pastoral Care

Celtic Worship



Baptist Worship in Britain (Christopher J. Ellis)
Christian Liturgical Music (William T. Flynn)
The Age of Revolutions (Conrad L. Donakowski)
Western Christendom, c. 1000-1400 (Timothy M. Thibodeau)