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Biblical Studies

God in the Old Testament (Brent A. Strawn)
Qohelet/Ecclesiastes (Thomas Bolin), forthcoming Jul-Sep 2023


God in the Old Testament (Brent A. Strawn)
The Conversion of the Nations (Michael S. Driscoll), forthcoming Jul-Sep 2023
Theater (Jeff Jay), forthcoming Jul-Sep 2023

Islamic Studies

Fazlur Rahman Khan: Structural Engineer (Mahjoub Elnimeiri), forthcoming Jul–Sep 2023
Islamic Society of North America (Iqbal J. Unus), forthcoming Jul–Sep 2023
Islamic Women's Organizations in North America (Samaneh Oladi Ghadikolaei), forthcoming Jul–Sep 2023
Muslims Across Hispanic and Lusophone Geographies (Paulo Pinto), forthcoming Jul–Sep 2023
Shari’a Tribunals in North America (James T. Richardson, Bryan S. Turner), forthcoming Jul–Sep 2023
Theology, Issues in North America (Candace Mixon), forthcoming Jul–Sep 2023
Muhammad, Elijah and Sr. Clara Muhammad (Rosetta E. Ross), forthcoming Jul–Sep 2023
Muslim Chaplains in North America (Harvey Stark), forthcoming Jul–Sep 2023
Mosques in the United States and Canada (Ihsan Bagby), forthcoming Jul–Sep 2023
Islamic Relics (Richard McGregor), forthcoming Oct–Dec 2023
Shi'a Communities and Networks in North America (Liyakat Takim), forthcoming Oct–Dec 2023
Sufism in the Modern World (Marcia Hermansen), forthcoming Oct–Dec 2023
Fiqh Council of North America (Zainab Alwani), forthcoming Oct–Dec 2023
Islamic Bioethics: Birth Control (Zaynab El Bernoussi, Baudouin Dupret), forthcoming Jul-Sep 2023
Islamic Bioethics: Religion, Science, and Technology (Osman Bakar), forthcoming Jul-Sep 2023
Jazz and Islam (Shalom Goldman), forthcoming Jul-Sep 2023

Judaism and Jewish Studies

God in the Old Testament (Brent A. Strawn)

Religion and Art

Arts and Ethics: Overview (Iain Robertson), forthcoming Jul–Sep 2023
Advocational Images of the Virgin Mary in Spain (María del Mar Doval Trueba), forthcoming Jul–Sep 2023
Contemporary Visual Art and Religion (Dominic Colonna), forthcoming Oct–Dec 2023
Islamic Relics (Richard McGregor), forthcoming Oct–Dec 2023
House of Loreto from Italy to Iberia and the Americas (Maddalena Bellavitis), forthcoming Jul-Sep 2023
Iconography and Iconology (Davor Džalto), forthcoming Jul-Sep 2023
Relics and Pilgrimage in Western Europe (Janet Snyder), forthcoming Jul-Sep 2023
Visual Arts: Renaissance (Heidi J. Hornik), forthcoming Jul-Sep 2023