The Oxford Encyclopedia of Religion in America

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Religion in America

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Religion in America brings together state-of-the-art articles on key topics in the study of religion in America. The encyclopedia is organized around five key areas developed by leading scholars in the field: ethnicity; empire; space; religion in public life; and religious ideas. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Religion in America introduces readers to the multifaceted and interdisciplinary ways of studying religion in America. All of the articles appear online as part of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion.

To read The Oxford Encyclopedia of Religion in America articles online, see the Religion in America section of ORE Religion. This section will continue to grow as the project expands.

Volume Editor

John Corrigan, Florida State University

Associate Editors

Christine Heyrman, University of Delaware

Tracy Leavelle, Creighton University

Edward J. Blum, San Diego State University

Phil Goff, Indiana University

Heather Curtis, Tufts University

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Religion in Public Life

Religious Ideas



African American Islam (Herbert Berg)
African Americans and Religion (Sylvester A. Johnson)
Apocalypticism in U.S. History (Matthew Avery Sutton)
Atheism in America (Eric Chalfant)
Christianity in Hawai'i (Ronald Williams Jr.)
Civil Religion in America (Raymond Haberski Jr.)
Class and Religion in America (William A. Mirola)
Film and Religion in America (Eric Michael Mazur)
Freemasonry’s Sacred Space in America (Phillip Gordon Mackintosh)
Hinduism in America (Amanda Lucia)
Hispanics and Religion in America (Kristy Nabhan-Warren)
Moderation in American Religion (Rosemary R. Corbett)
Mormonism (Patrick Q. Mason)
Mormonism and Deseret (John G. Turner)
Online Media and Religion in America (Adam Bajan, Heidi A. Campbell)
Popular Culture and Religion in America (Lynn Schofield Clark, Seth M. Walker)
Primitivism in America (Matthew Bowman)
Print Media and Religion in America (Elesha J. Coffman, Timothy D. Grundmeier)
Race and American Judaism (Samira K. Mehta)
Race and Protestantism in America (Lauren Frances Turek)
The Religious Right in America (Michael J. McVicar)
Zionism in America (Yaakov Ariel)