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Nancy R. Hooyman

Naomi R. Gottlieb (1925–1995) was concerned with feminist and gender issues in the social work curriculum, evaluation of social work practice, and the PhD program in social welfare at the University of Washington School of Social Work.


Ann Hartman

Carol H. Meyer (1924–1996) was a social work educator involved in the development and adaptation of social work practice. She was on Columbia University's School of Social Work faculty for 34 years and was editor of Affilia and Social Work.


Sadye L. M. Logan

Miriam Goldforb Dinerman (1925–2010) served on the faculty of Rutgers University School of Social Work (RUSSW) for 31 years and helped to codify health concentration as a significant area of social work practice. She understood early in her career the interdisciplinary nature of the different health and social work professions and worked to educate students in all disciplines about the value of the others.