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Published in partnership with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW Press)

Oxford University Press has partnered with the NASW on the Encyclopedia of Social Work, a continuously updated online collaboration building off the classic reference work.

Coalitions and Coalition Building

"Coalitions have emerged as powerful tools for organizations and communities in efforts to achieve social justice and equity. Where power is unequally distributed or there is insufficient organizational infrastructure, coalitions are a way to bridge the gap between people and resources and facilitate the development of social capital (Lardier et al., 2018). ..." – By Jessica Greenawalt, Jan Ivery, Terry Mizrahi and Beth Rosenthal

Pandemics and Social Work

"There has been considerable controversy about the definition of pandemic and the recognition of it when it occurs. Inconsistent use of the term among official health agencies, scientists, and the media in capturing a level of explosive transmissibility and severity of infection often calls for debates and discussion..." – By Sangeun Lee

OUP remembers the life of Encyclopedia of Social Work Senior Editor Larry E. Davis

Oxford University Press remembers the life of Encyclopedia of Social Work Senior Editor Larry E. Davis, who passed away earlier this year.

First Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work Articles Published Online

Oxford University Press and the National Association of Social Workers Press are pleased to announce the online publication of articles that are destined to be included in the print edition of the inaugural Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work (EOMSW). The articles in question—Disability and Political Interventions—signal the beginning of continuous online publication of EOMSW content that will culminate in a three-volume print work expected to appear in 2022.

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