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Special Immigrant Juvenile Status  

Susan Schmidt

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) is an immigration classification that provides a pathway to lawful permanent residency for non-citizen immigrant children in the United States who ... More

Spellman, Dorothea C.  

Maryann Syers

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
Dorothea C. Spellman (1907–1979) headed the group work specialization at the Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver. Her primary contributions were in group work and as an ... More

Spirituality in Social Work  

David R. Hodge

This entry addresses the topic of spirituality in the social work profession, with an emphasis on the American context. Toward that end, the history of the relationship between the ... More

Starr, Ellen Gates  

Susan Donner

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
Ellen Gates Starr (1859–1940) was a social reformer who, with Jane Addams, co-founded Hull-House to provide women with a new avenue for living independently. The condition of the poor ... More

Stigmatization and Labeling  

Sandra Edmonds Crewe and Julie Guyot-Diangone

Online publication date:
Aug 2016
This article provides an overview of the phenomenon of labeling and stigma. Research studies are used to illuminate the many ways devalued or discredited identities negatively affect the ... More

Strategic Planning  

John A. Yankey and Vera Vogelsang-Coombs

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
Strategic planning is a key management process in nonprofit organizations and a collaborative methodology for addressing complex community needs. This entry presents an overview of ... More

Strategies and Interventions for Improving School Attendance  

Johnny S. Kim and Calvin L. Streeter

This article presents an overview of school absenteeism, truancy, and school refusal behaviors. The various definitions of school truancy and absenteeism are described along with ... More

Street-Connected Children  

Neela Dabir

This article focuses on the long-standing global concern of children who live or work on the street, with developing countries having a larger share of the problem. It reviews the paradigm ... More

Strengths-Based Frameworks  

J. Christopher Hall, Robert Blundo, and Kristin W. Bolton

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
The strengths perspective represents a paradigmatic shift away from problem-focused approaches to social work practice. A strengths-based approach provides a helping foundation for clients ... More

Strengths Perspective  

Johnny S. Kim and Kristin Whitehill Bolton

In social work practice, the strengths perspective has emerged as an alternative to the more common pathology-oriented approach to helping clients. Instead of focusing on clients’ problems ... More

Stress Effects on Health  

Paula S. Nurius and Charles P. Hoy-Ellis

Evolving understandings of stress have literally transformed how we think about health as contextualized within complex and multilevel transactions between individuals and their ... More

Students’ Rights  

Elizabeth Palley

To help their clients and to further the goal of “challeng[ing] social injustice,” all social work practitioners must be aware of students’ rights. Though school law is largely regulated ... More


Stacey Freedenthal

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
Every year, more people in the world die from suicide than from homicide and wars combined. Efforts to reduce suicide have made several advances. Research has identified numerous suicide ... More


Lawrence Shulman

Supervision of students and practitioners has been important to social work since its earliest evolution as a recognized profession. Central to the process is the idea of one professional ... More

Supplemental Security Income  

Shawn A. Cassiman and Sandy Magaña

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
This entry provides an overview of the federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, including a discussion of who is eligible for benefits, benefit levels, and program ... More

Survey Research  

Allen Rubin

Online publication date:
Jun 2013
Surveys have always been a popular social work research method. They are particularly applicable for portraying population characteristics on the basis of a sample. Two key methodological ... More


Katherine Walsh

Online publication date:
Apr 2014
The term survivor has been applied to people who have endured diverse traumatic or life-threatening experiences ranging from sexual abuse to airplane crashes and wars. In the past 25 ... More

Survivors of Suicide, Those Left Behind When Someone Dies by Suicide  

Julie Cerel and Myfanwy Maple

Online publication date:
Jun 2014
Suicide is a more prevalent cause of death in many countries than automobile accidents, homicide, and breast cancer. Despite this, the experience of people left behind after a suicide is ... More

Sustainable Development  

Dorothy N. Gamble

This entry describes how the viability of long-term human social systems is inextricably linked to human behavior, environmental resources, the health of the biosphere, and human ... More

Suzman, Helen  

Sunny Sinha

Online publication date:
Jul 2013
Helen Suzman (1917–2009) was internationally renowned for many years as the sole white woman representative in the South African Parliament to speak out against apartheid measures. As a ... More