For Librarians

With an ever-increasing number of resources available both via your library and on the open web, how do you ensure your users are turning to authoritative, vetted sources when beginning their research?

For librarians, the Encyclopedia of Social Work is an invaluable tool to recommend to social work researchers, students, practitioners, and scholars of all levels. We encourage you to download the new ESW infographic to post, share, or even print to spread the word about ESW's features:

Click to download a PDF of the ESW infographic

Backed by experts

The Encyclopedia contains hundreds of articles and biographies offering overviews of key elements within social work study. Each article has been vetted by the 13-member editorial board, led by Editor in Chief, Cynthia Franklin, to ensure that our content reflects the missions of OUP and NASW Press to disseminate the highest quality scholarship. With the additional help of editors from OUP and NASW Press, the editorial board is committed to maintaining these standards as the site continues to grow and expand.

Timely content in a streamlined platform

Users looking for the most up-to-date trends in social work now no longer have to wait for the latest print edition to be published. The new Encyclopedia of Social Work site offers an "evergreen" alternative that features new article and biography additions each month, in a vibrant, user-friendly layout. Our aim was to captivate and delight social workers with the site's new look-and-feel, while still asserting that the Encyclopedia's content is as trusted and reliable as it was in print.

Driving usage

Countless studies have shown that the more discoverable your content is, the more likely it is to be used, thus providing a maximum return on your library’s investment. Freely-available articles and abstracts within the Encyclopedia of Social Work make discovery of Oxford’s authoritative content via Google and the open web easier than ever before. After the ESW's free access period comes to a close in September 2013, numerous articles will still remain unlocked for unsubscribed users, to ensure consistent discoverability throughout the life of the resource.

And more to come…

We’ll be continually expanding and updating Encyclopedia of Social Work through Summer 2013 and each month afterward. Visit the Forthcoming Articles page to read about content coming soon.

To learn more about Encyclopedia of Social Work, please visit Getting Started, check out our Article Walk-thru for an explanation of article features, or start browsing the site.