The Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work

The Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work (EOMSW) updates and expands upon all of the macro content in the Encyclopedia of Social Work to create a multi-volume work unlike any other. The EOMSW will include nearly 200 long-form overview articles that address macro practice methods (organizations, community, policy) as well as macro theories, concepts, ideologies, problems, and contexts relating to macro social work. The Encyclopedia will also include an introduction to the field of macro practice and various topical guides for students and researchers. This inaugural print edition is destined to become an essential resource for the field: there is simply no similar work available that takes this sort of wide-ranging, expansive view of all that macro practice encompasses.

Editors in Chief

Darlyne Bailey, Bryn Mawr College

Terry Mizrahi, Hunter College

Associate Editors

Mimi Abramovitz, Hunter College

Alice Gates, University of Portland

Jan Ivery, Georgia State University

Dennis Kao, Carleton University

Eva Moya, University of Texas at El Paso

Murali Nair, University of Southern California

Sudershan Pasupuleti, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Tracy R. Whitaker, Howard University

Consulting Editors

Sarah Christa Butts, National Association of Social Workers

Tory Cox, University of Southern California

David Moxley, University of Alaska Anchorage

Linda Plitt Donaldson, James Madison University

Tracy Soska, University of Pittsburgh