About the Oxford Index

A free discovery service, the Oxford Index enables users to search across Oxford’s digital academic offerings from a single point of entry and receive recommendations of the best related content, resulting in an enhanced research experience.

Like a digital card catalog, the Oxford Index contains a cross-searchable set of over one million free "index cards" each representing a single article, chapter, journal, or book. Index cards display key information--including abstracts and keywords--about an Oxford published work, helping users judge its relevance to their research.

What does the Oxford Index mean for me?

Previously, users looking for previews of Oxford's academic publications had to visit the Oxford Index site directly. Now, you can access the benefits of the OI without leaving Encyclopedia of Social Work, through the slim gray bar located at the bottom of the browser on the ESW homepage and browse/search results pages. This is the Oxford Index Underbar which shows links to related content from all Oxford University Press online content (journal articles, scholarly monographs, reference content, primary sources)

To search using the Oxford Index underbar, simply type a search into Encyclopedia of Social Work as you normally would. Once you reach the search results page, click on the blue "Show Related Links" button, and the underbar will expand to reveal numerous relevant links within other Oxford sources.

Read more about the underbar to start discovering related links and sources today.