For Practitioners

NASW Press and Oxford University Press are thrilled to partner together to offer social work practitioners a foundational digital guide for social work research. We understand that as practitioners, your time is devoted to working with clients and providing in-the-field assistance to those who need it most. That's why we're proud to present the new Encyclopedia of Social Work site, a resource that is not only consistently updated to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of data, but that features clear, concise overviews of key social work concepts in a user-friendly platform--so practitioners can find the information they need, fast.

New and revised content added monthly

Through the work of a team of 13 editorial board members, numerous NASW Press and OUP editors, and one expert Editor in Chief (Cynthia Franklin, PhD), new and revised articles can be added to the site each month. Even with this expedited updating approach, each article still receives the same precise editing and attention that made the content in the print Encyclopedia of Social Work valued and lauded for decades. Check back regularly to see what new articles have been made available in New and Featured.

Valuable supplementary content

We recognize that for practitioners, research is only the first step to achieving the aims of a social worker. With this in mind, we've created a dozen helpful information pages, offering a wealth of value-add content: videos, "From Research to Practice" tips, links to external social work resources, information on NASW Press and OUP's social work publishing, and more. To start exploring these pages, visit Getting Started and click on any of the links in the left-hand sidebar menu.

…And more to come

We’ll be continually expanding and improving the Encyclopedia every month. Visit the Forthcoming Articles page to read about what enhancements you’ll see soon.

To learn more about Encyclopedia of Social Work, please visit About ESW, check out our Article Walk-thru for an explanation of article features, or start browsing the site.