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June 2022

Francois, Elma (Karene-Anne Nathaniel)
Gebreselassie, Seyoum (Wassie Kebede)
Managerial Supervision (John E. Tropman)
Parker, Norma Alice (Carolyn Noble)
Racial Justice (Darcey H. Merritt, Rachel D. Ludeke, Krushika Uday Patankar, Muthoni Mahachi, Morgan Buck)

May 2022

Communities in Macro Practice (Mary Ohmer, Emily Underwood), revised
Cox, Frederick (Dionne V. Frank)
Generalist and Advanced Generalist Practice in Macro Social Work (Jason T. Castillo, Grafton H. Hull Jr.), revised
International Community Practice (Cindy Sousa, Tamarah Moss)
Latinas and Latinos Overview (Rocío Calvo, Victor Figuereo), revised
Medicaid and Medicare (Victoria M. Rizzo, Sojeong Lee, Rebekah Kukowski), revised
Mutual Aid Societies (Susheelabai R. Srinivasa, Sudershan Pasupuleti, Ram Shepherd Bheenaveni), revised
Social Work and Social Policy in Namibia (Priscilla A. Gibson, Janet Ananias, Rachel Freeman, Namoonga Chilwalo)
Strategic Planning (Mark Chupp, Jennifer R. Madden, John A. Yankey), revised
Technology in Macro Social Work Practice (John G. McNutt, Lauri Goldkind), revised
The Special Commission to Advance Macro Practice (Darlyne Bailey, Terry Mizrahi, Jenay Smith)
Zucconi, Angela (Marilena Dellavalle, Carlotta Mozzone)

April 2022

Banerjee, Gauri Rani (Vimla Nadkarni)
Black Lives Matter (Mildred Delozia, Charles M. S. Birore)
Community Resilience (Cindy Sousa, Tamarah Moss)
Hagen, Gerd (Helga Johannesdottir, Michael Seltzer)
Kumarappa, Jagadisan Mohandas (Ruchi Sinha, Roshni Nair-Shaikh, Vijay Raghavan)
Leadership Development in Social Work and Military Settings (Gary M. Bess, James J. Kelly, James B. Macdonald, James J. Woolever), revised
Mental Health Policy Overview (Christine M. Rine)
Quality Assurance (Karun K. Singh), revised
Rural Practice in Macro Settings (Laura Trull), revised
Tarugi, Paolina (Marilena Dellavalle, Carlotta Mozzone)
Welfare Rights (David Stoesz, Catherine Born), revised
Wood, Gertie (Dionne V. Frank)

March 2022

Age Justice (Steve Burghardt, Joseph Dibenedetto, Bobbie Sackman)
Aging: Overview (Lisa A. Ferretti, Philip McCallion), revised
Alcohol and Drug Prevention Among Youth and Young Adults (Peter J. Delany, Jane Sanville, Joseph J. Shields), revised
Arlt, Ilse (Maria Maiss)
Child Welfare: History and Policy (Christina Paddock, Debra Waters-Roman, Jessica Borja), revised
Children's Rights (Anne Blumenthal, Karen M. Staller), revised
Citizen Participation (Martha Lucia Garcia, Yossi Korazim-Kőrösy), revised
Civil Rights (Tanya Smith Brice, Denise McLane-Davison, Tyler A. Brice), revised
Community Needs Assessment (Mary Ohmer, Emily Underwood), revised
Community Violence (Muhammad M. Haj-Yahia, Neil B. Guterman, Maria João Lobo Antunes), revised
Digital Technology (Gina Griffin)
Economic Security and Family Well-Being (Robert Cosby, Janice Berry-Edwards), revised
Legal System (Robert G. Madden), revised
Outcome Measures in Human Services (Bruce Friedman, Rosario Olivera), revised
Radlińska, Helena (Andrea Schmelz)
The Juvenile Legal System (Jeffrey Shook, Sara Goodkind), revised
Volunteer Management (Eleanor L. Brilliant), revised

February 2022

Aging: Practice Interventions (Lenard W. Kaye), revised
Asian Americans: Overview (Seon Mi Kim, Pallassana R. Balgopal), revised
Community Organizing (Geoffrey W. Wilkinson, Lee Staples, Ashley Slay, Iliana Panameño), revised
Community Planning (Elisheva Sadan, Edith Blit-Cohen), revised
Community Violence and Mental Health (Selena Marshall, Michele Gordon)
Conflict Resolution and Conflict Mediation (D. Crystal Coles, Jason Sawyer), revised
Congressional Social Work Caucus (Charles E. Lewis Jr.), revised
Corporate Settings (David Stoesz, Catherine Born), revised
Disaster Preparedness for Organizations (Becky S. Corbett), revised
Financial Capability (Margaret Sherrard Sherraden, Jin Huang, David Ansong), revised
Global Health and Global Health Education (Michele Eggers-Barison, Lalit Khandare)
Grand Challenges for Social Work (Marilyn Louise Flynn, Richard P. Barth, Edwina Uehara, Michael Sherraden)
Health Care Reform (Cynthia Moniz, Stephen H. Gorin, Terry Mizrahi), revised
Holman, Robert "Bob" (Malcolm Payne)
Kaseke, Edwell (Rodreck Mupedziswa)
Multiculturalism (Othelia Eun-Kyoung Lee, Ruth G. McRoy), revised
Oppression (Betty Garcia, Dorothy Van Soest, Dheeshana Jayasundara), revised
Radical Social Work (Mary Bricker-Jenkins, Rosemary Barbera, Barbara Hunter-Randall Joseph), revised
Reducing "Extreme Economic Inequality": A Social Work Grand Challenge (Laura Lein, Jennifer Romich, Trina R. Williams Shanks, Dominique Crump)
Research: Overview (Denise M. Green, Samantha M. Ellis), revised
Social Justice (Janet L. Finn, Jen Molloy, Ashley Trautman), revised
Social Media (Maria Rodriguez, Jama Shelton), revised
Social Work Professional Organizations and Associations (Halaevalu F. O. Vakalahi, Michael M. Sinclair, Bradford W. Sheafor, Puafisi Tupola), revised
The Life Model of Macro Social Work Practice (Alex Gitterman, Carolyn Knight)
Women: Overview (Ruth A. Brandwein), revised

January 2022

African Americans Overview (Larry E. Davis, Trina R. Williams Shanks, John M. Wallace Jr.), revised
Asian Americans and Macro Practice (Shetal Vohra-Gupta, Rowena Fong), revised
Bye, Lilian (Ragnhild Bjørknes, Hanne Synnøve Skedsmo Nilsen)
Child Welfare: Overview (John Paul Horn, Emily Bruce, Toni Naccarato), revised
Demographics (Pamela P. Chiang, Hsiu-Fen Lin), revised
Discrimination (Kendra P. DeLoach McCutcheon), revised
Feminist Macro Social Work Practice (Cheryl A. Hyde), revised
Housing (Anita Zuberi, Gale Schwartz, Tracy M. Soska), revised
International Social Welfare: Overview (James Midgley, Elise Verdooner, Murali Nair), revised
Organizational Change (Thomas Packard), revised
Political Process and Youth Empowerment (Jason Anthony Plummer), revised
Social Impact Assessment (Jon Kei Matsuoka, Paula T. Morelli), revised
Social Work Macro History (Eva M. Moya, David Stoesz, Mark Lusk, Silvia M. Chávez-Baray)

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