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September 2023

Dangel, Richard (Charles H. Mindel)
Minuchin, Salvador (Catheleen Jordan, David Cory)
Specht, Harry (Neil Gilbert), revised

August 2023

Dissociative Identity Disorder (Gregory L. Nooney)
Glasser, Paul (Raymond Sanchez Mayers, Kathleen J. Pottick)
Human Needs: Overview (Michael A. Dover), revised
International Aid, Relief, and Humanitarian Assistance (Carmen Monico, Karen Smith Rotabi, Taghreed Abu Sarhan), revised
Mental Health: Adolescents (Craig Winston LeCroy)

July 2023

Moser, Mentona (Andrea Schmelz)
Sarri, Rosemary (Richard P. Barth, Michael Sherraden)

June 2023


May 2023

Charles, Millie (Rebecca Chaisson)

April 2023

Yuichi, Nakamura (Tatsuru Akimoto)
Poverty (Mark R. Rank), revised
Sayles, Odessa (David Cory, Catheleen Jordan)

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