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December 2021

Arenal, Concepción (Maribel Martín-Estalayo, Aurora Castillo, María José Barahona, Begoña Leyra)
Civic Engagement (Jennifer C. Greenfield, Heather Arnold-Renicker, Amanda Moore McBride), revised
Civil Society in Macro Social Work (Jocelyn Clare R. Hermoso, Carmen Luca Sugawara)
Community Economic Development (Steven D. Soifer, Joseph B. McNeely), revised
Community Healing and Reconciliation (Joshua Kirven, George Jacinto), revised
Community Macro Practice Competencies (Tracy M. Soska), revised
de Joya, Petra (Yolanda Ealdama)
Ecological Social Work (Uschi Bay), revised
Evidence-Based Macro Practice (Erick G. Guerrero, Tenie Khachikian, Murali Nair)
Financial Management (Roger A. Lohmann), revised
Fiscal Policy (Karen M. Staller)
Gilchrist-James, Gayle (Linda Kreitzer, Richard Ramsay)
Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development (David N. Jones, Rory Truell), revised
Health Policy Overview (Heather A. Walter-McCabe)
Homelessness and Macro Interventions (Eva M. Moya, Amy Joyce-Ponder, Jacquelin I. Cordero, Silvia M. Chávez-Baray, Margie Rodriguez LeSage)
Human Rights Overview (Joseph M. Wronka), revised
Indigenous Peoples (Andrea Tamburro, Paul-Rene Tamburro), revised
Integrating Macro-Micro Practice (Jason A. Ostrander, Kate Kelly, Patricia Carl-Stannard)
Interorganizational Alliances (Kelly McNally Koney, Darlyne Bailey)
Latinos and Latinas: Practice Interventions (Griselda Villalobos), revised
Llopis Sarrió, Dolores Benita (Begoña Leyra, María José Barahona, Aurora Castillo, Maribel Martín-Estalayo)
Philpott, Florence (Kim DeJong)
Program Evaluation (Peter Gabor, Richard M. Grinnell Jr., Yvonne A. Unrau), revised
Refugee Resettlement Policy and Macro Practice (Odessa Gonzalez Benson, Karin Wachter, Cherra Mathis)
Reproductive Health Justice (Silvia M. Chávez-Baray, Eva M. Moya, Omar Martinez)
Smart Decarceration (Carrie Pettus)
Social Responses to a Changing Environment (Lisa Reyes Mason, Susan P. Kemp, Lawrence A. Palinkas, Amy Krings)
Social Work Profession (June Gary Hopps, Tony B. Lowe), revised
Unemployment Insurance (Larry Nackerud, Lauren Ricciardelli), revised
Worker Justice Campaigns (Fred Brooks, Amanda Gutwirth)

November 2021

Capacity Building (Karen A. Johnson, Sherron Wilkes, Tania Alameda-Lawson), revised
Community-Embedded Philanthropic Foundations (Paula Allen-Meares), revised
Complex Systems Science and Social Work (John Halloran, Fred Wulczyn), revised
Conflict Theory for Macro Practice (Susan P. Robbins, George S. Leibowitz)
Economics and Social Welfare (Michael Anthony Lewis), revised
Empowerment Practices (Debora Ortega, Jessica Rodriguez-JenKins), revised
Family Services (Katharine Briar-Lawson, Toni Naccarato), revised
Futures Thinking (Laura Burney Nissen)
Gentrification (Amie Thurber, Amy Krings)
Organizational Learning (Yekutiel Sabah, Patricia Cook-Craig), revised
Organizational Wellness (Erlene Grise-Owens, J. Jay Miller, Larry W. Owens)
Police Social Work (Rosemary Alamo, Rick Ornelas), revised
Privilege (Ovita F. Williams, Cheryl L. Franks), revised
Rahman, Mohammad Habibur (Tulshi Kumar Das)
State Fiscal Policy (Alexis P. Tsoukalas)
Treger, Harvey (George T. Patterson)
Voter Participation (Lorraine C. Minnite, Frances Fox Piven), revised
White Supremacy (Tracy Whitaker, Lauren Alfrey, Alice B. Gates, Anita R. Gooding)

October 2021

Apt, Nana (Cynthia Akorfa Sottie)
Black Americans: Practice Interventions (Sharon E. Moore), revised
Community: Practice Interventions (Anne Williford, Marie Villescas-Zamzow), revised
Criminal Justice: Overview (Michael C. Gearhart), revised
Freed, Anne O. (Vesela Ivanova, Vaska Stancheva-Popkostadinova)
Human Resource Management (Michàlle E. Mor Barak, Dnika J. Travis), revised
Logic Models (Craig Winston LeCroy), revised
Management: Overview (Bruce Friedman), revised
Neoliberalism (Jessica Toft)
Patterson, Sybil Agatha (Dionne V. Frank)
Policy Practice (Angela S. Henderson, Angela Bullock), revised
Political Ideologies and Social Welfare (Mimi Abramovitz), revised
Predictive Analytics and Big Data (Oscar E. Cariceo, Murali Nair, Wahaj Bokhari)
Restorative Justice (Katherine van Wormer), revised
Social Development (Benjamin J. Lough), revised
Social Welfare Policy: Overview (Diana M. DiNitto, David H. Johnson), revised
Stevenson, Olive (Hilary Tompsett)
Teams (Laura R. Bronstein), revised
Veterans Services in Macro Practice (Leora Shudofsky, Amanda Matteson), revised

September 2021

Asset Building: Toward Inclusive Policy (Michael Sherraden, Lissa Johnson, Margaret M. Clancy, Sondra G. Beverly, Margaret Sherrard Sherraden, Mark Schreiner, William Elliott, Trina R. Williams Shanks, Deborah Adams, Jami Curley, Jin Huang, Michal Grinstein-Weiss, Yunju Nam, Min Zhan, Chang-Keun), revised
Attlee, Clement (Jonathan Dickens)
Environmental Justice (Christina L. Erickson), revised
Ethics for Macro Social Work (Cecilia Aguayo, Magdalena Calderón-Orellana)
Human Rights and Social Work (Obie Clayton, June Gary Hopps), revised
Licensing (Mary C. Nienow, Emi Sogabe, Amanda Duffy Randall), revised
Sex Trafficking Policy (Kathleen Bergquist), revised
Social Movements (Michael Reisch), revised

August 2021

Advocacy (Diane R. Bessel, Erin Carman), revised
Coalitions and Coalition Building (Jessica Greenawalt, Jan Ivery, Terry Mizrahi, Beth B. Rosenthal)
Community Building (Umeka E’Lan Franklin), revised
Community-Based Participatory Research (Alma M. Ouanesisouk Trinidad), revised
Deinstitutionalization (Steven P. Segal), revised
Disparities and Inequalities: Overview (Hyejin Jung, King Davis), revised
Drug Policy Reform (Sheila P. Vakharia)
Economic Justice (Louise Simmons), revised
Education Policy (Melissa Jonson-Reid, Sheretta Butler-Barnes), revised
Faith-Based Settings (Stephanie Clintonia Boddie), revised
Foundations in Future Directions for Social Work Leadership (Darlyne Bailey, Kimberly B. Bonner, Katrina M. Uhly, Jessica S. Wilen), revised
Global Community Practice (Manohar Pawar, Marie Weil), revised
Globalization (Elise Verdooner), revised
Health Disparities and Inequities (Sandra Wexler, Valire Carr Copeland), revised
Human Trafficking Overview (Fariyal Ross-Sheriff, Julie Orme), revised
Income and Wealth Inequality (Laurel Sariscsany)
Income Distribution (Joel Blau), revised
Llanes Escoda, Josefa (Yolanda Ealdama)
Lobbying (Sunny Harris Rome, Sabrina Gillan Kiser), revised
Macro Social Work Practice (F. Ellen Netting, M. Lori Thomas, Jan Ivery), revised
Management: Practice Interventions (Kristina Jaskyte), revised
Native Americans Overview (Hilary N. Weaver), revised
Neoliberal Managerialism and the Human Services (Mimi Abramovitz, Jennifer Zelnick)
Organizational Governance (Mindy R. Wertheimer), revised
Philanthropic Foundations (Marcus Lam, Helmut K. Anheier), revised
Philanthropic Funding for Human Services (Kirsten A. Grønbjerg), revised
Political Social Work (Suzanne Pritzker, Shannon R. Lane), revised
Settlements and Neighborhood Centers (Robert Fisher, Michael Fabricant, Lukas Champagne), revised
Social Capital (Katrina Balovlenkov), revised
Social Innovation (Stephen Edward McMillin)
Social Networks (Kirk A. Foster, Victoria Charles), revised
Suicide and Public Policy (Janelle Stanley, Sarah Strole)
Urban Practice (Wendy Cholico), revised
Worker Centers (Alice B. Gates), revised
Zvereva, Iryna (Tetyana Semigina, Tetiana Basiuk)

June 2021

Collaborative Practice (Hal A. Lawson, Catherine S. Kramer), revised
Cultural Competence (Terry L. Cross), revised
Disability (Dawn Apgar), revised
Historical and Intergenerational Trauma: Indigenous Populations (Laurie A. Walker, Turquoise Skye Devereaux)
Political Interventions (Megan Meyer), revised
Public Health Social Work (Sarah Gehlert, Julie A. Cederbaum, Betty J. Ruth), revised

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