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March 2020

Language Needs of Population Served (Samuel S. David, Priscilla Gibson, Patience Togo Malm)
Responding to Adverse Childhood Experiences Across the Lifespan (Heather Larkin, Catherine LaBrenz, Stephen Oby, Beth Gerlach, Eunju Lee, Katharine Briar-Lawson, Lisa Good)
Rural Practice (H. Stephen Cooper, Freddie L. Avant), revised
Social Work Ethnography (Wendy L. Haight)

February 2020

Alcohol and Drug Problems: Overview (Shulamith Lala Ashenberg Straussner, Richard Isralowitz), revised
Organizational Change (Thomas Packard), revised

January 2020

American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare (Sarah Gehlert, Rowena Fong, Gail Steketee)
Indigegogy (Kathy Absolon, Giselle Dias)

December 2019

Progressive Social Work (Rosemary Barbera, Mary Bricker-Jenkins, Barbara Hunter-Randall Joseph), revised

November 2019

November 2019

Culture and Identity in Generic Social Work (Ramona W. Denby, Allison Bowmer), revised

October 2019

September 2019

Energy Poverty in India (Praveen Kumar, Smitha Rao, Gautam N. Yamada)

August 2019

Financial Social Work (Margaret S. Sherraden, Jin Huang), revised

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